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Paracord lanyard!

You can easily use a paracord lanyard to hang a (small) pocket knife or flashlight from, provided it has a hole for a lanyard. You pull the small lanyard loop through the opening and pull the lanyard through. You use a paracord lanyard to quickly find your essential gear in your backpack or pocket. In addition, it is the perfect accessory to make your gear more unique!

Paracord lanyard: functional and cool

Because the paracord is knotted together you always carry quite a lot of it with you. On this page you can purchase ready-made lanyards. Prefer to make one yourself? If so purchase an individual bundle of paracord and read more about how to tie a lanyard.

Paracord lanyard: go with a personal touch

Want to make your paracord lanyard even more special? Add a bead to your order. We offer a wide selection of paracord beads. Think of different colours, shapes and materials. With a cool bead you truly personalize your lanyard.