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Wicked Edge Precision sharpening system

Wicked Edge Precision sharpening system
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Sharpening knives, difficult? Not when you use the Wicked Edge! Using this comprehensive system, you can sharpen quickly and, even more important, accurately each of your knives to a razor sharp edge. This sharpening system contains all the parts needed to sharpen any knife optimally After a bit of practice, the system turns out to be very easy to use.

It is very important to first determine the correct sharpening angle. And then of course, to also use that angle for sharpening. And this is where the Wicked Edge shows it's strength. With this well thought out system by Wicked Edge, you can very accurately set the angle, after which it is impossible to deviate from this and sharpen the wrong way. You follow a fixed and well reproducible routine, with a perfectly sharpened knife as a result.

1 You clench your knife in the Wicked Edge. A 'depth key' and a ruler ensure that your knife is always clenched in exactly the same spot. There are two vertical positions to choose from. A knife edge should be about 15.9 mm (5/8 inch) above the clamp. In this case, the indication of the sharpening angle in degrees is exactly right. For long and/or flexible blades, a conductor is included, which enhances the stability of the clamping. A digital protractor is available in case you want to check the exact angle before sharpening.

2 Now you determine the correct sharpening angle for your knife. There are several ways to determine this. In many cases a manufacturer can inform you about the sharpening angle, there are tables with angles for different knives and of course, general guide lines for different types of knives can be found online. A test to determine the sharpening angle, is by drawing a line of the fold of the blade with a water proof marker. Then carefully sharpen a bit with a certain angle. Seeing the part of the line that was removed during sharpening, you can see whether the angle is correct or must adjusted to be larger or smaller.

3 You mount the guide rods for the sharpening stones on the correct position for your chosen sharpening angle. The indication is clear and securing it goes perfectly. You can then slide the sharpening stones on the guide rods. If your knife is really blunt you start, as usual, with a coarser sharpening stone to recreate the edge of your knife. Then you use the finer sharpening stones to polish the edge to a razor sharp level.

4 The next step is the actual sharpening. You slide the sharpening stones over the guide rods. This runs very smoothly without reducing the accuracy. Both sides of each stone have different grit sizes. Of each grit, two pieces are included to you can sharpen both sides of the edge at the same time. One of the reasons why you are done so quickly. When using other sharpening methods, it takes concentration to find and maintain the correct sharpening angle. With a Wicked Edge though, it is simply impossible to lose the correct angle. The sharpening process is dry, no oil or water is used.

5 The finishing touch. After you have used all the desired grits for sharpening, you can use the Wicked Edge version of a leather strop to do the last polishing work. You treat the leather with a little bit of the diamond paste and then continue polishing until there is no way left to increase the sharpness. It is very important to deal carefully with a leather strop and make sure you do not cut into the leather. You can make sure of this by only making upward moves on a leather strop. Then it cannot go wrong. You also avoid damaging the strop by cleaning the knife before you polish it, to make sure no loose metal parts get stuck on the leather.

If your knife looses a bit of it's sharpness, you can clamp it in the system in the usual way and do your daily maintenance with a very fine grit stone. Because you always do exactly the same thing you have quick and optimal results. Something that would take a lot more experience if you would use a different system.

Advantages and tips lined up:
  • Your knife is placed very securely in the system
  • The sharpening angle is set very precisely and kept without any effort
  • There is hardly any chance to scratches on the blade. If you want, you can use a piece of tape to protect the part of the blade which is clamped. Usually this is not necessary.
  • Your knife is very quickly sharpened because you can sharpend two sides of the blade at once and you automatically use the correct angle.
  • You sharpen without using water or oil. Only for the leather strops you use a little bit of diamond paste. This works for a long time.
  • When mounting the guiding rode (especially at the Pro Pack 2) for the first time, we had to push a little harder. After this everything worked exactly as intended.
  • Write down the used settings. This way, the sharpening angle remains constant and the maintenance of the knife is quick and easy.
  • Use a marker to be able to see what material your grind away.
  • Before use of the leather strops, make sure the knife is well cleaned. Remaining loose metal particles can damage the leather. It can also affect the polishing properties. Also be careful not to cut into the leather.
  • Practice in the beginning with an old knife. First of all, to get used to the sharpening system and secondly to prepare the diamond stones for sharpening. A new sharpening stone works just a little too coarsely. Only after 5 to 10 knives the system works as intended. And the user is also part of the system!
  • Do not exercises too much pressure. Lighter is better. The sharpening stone should be doing the job and not the exercised force.
  • Especially in the beginning, take some time to get to know the system.
Delivery includes:
  • Wicked Edge sharpening system
  • 2 guide rods for the sharpening stones
  • Guide for long and flexible blades
  • Depth key
  • Ruler
  • Imbus key
  • 2x2 sharpening stones,
    Grit 100/200
    Grit 400/600
  • The Precision Sharpener is supplied without a stand


  • Brand: Wicked Edge
  • Series: not applicable
  • Type: sharpening system
  • Grit according to supplier: 100, 200, 400, 600
  • Length: 18.5 cm
  • Width: 14.5 cm
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Number of stones included: 2
  • Length knife holder: 9 cm
  • Length usable part: 18.5 cm
  • Width usable part: 14.5 cm
  • Height usable part: 11 cm
  • Number of adjustable sharpening angles:: 15
  • Fixed sharpening angle: yes
  • Sharpening angle: 15º, 16º, 17º, 18º, 19º, 20º, 21º, 22º, 23º, 24º, 25º, 26º, 27º, 28º, 29º, 30º
  • Colour: black, blue, silver
  • Material: plastic
  • Suitable for: asian kitchen knives, blades sharpened on one side, pocket knives, western kitchen knives, zweiseitig geschärften Messer
  • Use with water: no
  • Storage box / etui: no
  • Delivered with stand: no, no
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: lifetime
Artikelnr.: WI100
Wicked Edge Precision sharpening system
in stock  
€ 299.00
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Naam: Gorm Veggerby, Copenhagen NV
Datum: 24 July 2016

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This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateHigh quality, works really good (read The manual) i watched all The youtube videos about this product before i bought it. So i knew what to do from The start. It makes your knifes scary scary sharp, my only mistake is that i should have bought The Pro pack. Great service from knivesandtools as usual.