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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Sharpening systems: quickly and easily sharpen your knives

With a sharpening system you can easily and quickly sharpen your knives and tools. A sharpening system is a simple solution to find and hold the right angle while sharpening. 

Sharpening systems use steels or stones. Quite often you place the steels or stones in the right angle after which you use them to sharpen your knife. You could, however, also do it the other way around: you secure the knife and move the sharpening stone or steel over the blade of the knife. Well-known sharpening systems are those made by Wicked EdgeEdge ProSpyderco and Lansky. Each system is great when you want to sharpen various knives and tools.

Spyderco Sharpmaker sharpening system

The Spyderco Sharpmaker is perhaps the most well-known sharpening system out there. This simple system works with various steels you place in the holder at a certain angle. The only thing you have to do is move the knife over the steels. However, not only Spyderco uses this method, Lansky also has sharpening systems that use the same method for sharpening. Both sharpening systems guarantee razor-sharp knives.

Wicked Edge sharpening system

With a Wicked Edge everyone can become an expert when it comes to sharpening. With this extensive system sharpening becomes simpler and faster. You simply secure your knife in the ‘beak’ of the sharpening system, determine the right angle and you can start sharpening your knives. For it you use sharpening stones that have been attached to guide steels that ensure that you will always use the right angle while sharpening. From Swiss pocket knives to kitchen knives, and from survival knives to gentleman knives: with the wicked edge you can quickly and accurately sharpen most knives. With a guaranteed wicked sharp edge!

Edge Pro Apex sharpening system

Another well-known sharpening system is the Edge Pro Apex. This is a relatively compact and user-friendly sharpening system you can use to easily sharpen your knives. Whether you want to sharpen your kitchen knives or small pocket knives: the Edge Pro can do it all. In comparison to the other systems the Edge Pro works slightly different. You use the suction feet to attach the machine to a smooth surface, determine the sharpening angle by adjusting the sharpening stone guide and you place the knife against an aluminium disc. And that’s it, you are all settled and ready to start sharpening your knives! The Edge Pro proves that sharpening doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Want to learn more about sharpening your knives using the Edge Pro Apex? Why not read our topic: Sharpening on an Edge Pro Apex.