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TSPROF: from Russia with love

The Russian TSPROF (Tech Studio Profile) is specialized in producing decent and specialized sharpening systems. The K03 sharpening system is the pinnacle of precision and efficiency when it comes to sharpening. The ease with which you determine the sharpening angle, sharpen both sides of the knife and exchange the sharpening stones has made the K03 sharpening system very popular. The number of accessories also ensures that everyone can choose or put together a set that will suit their needs best.

The TSPROF sharpening system enables you to sharpen both sides of a knife using the same angle, without removing the knife from the clamp. Thanks to the advanced magnetic holder you can rotate the clamp 180 degrees after which it automatically clicks into place. As such the system is not only incredibly precise, it is also efficient.

The difference between the K03 sharpening systems

The different K03 sharpening system kits all have the same K03-basis. They differ, however, in terms of expansion possibilities and accessories. Think of: clamps, Allen keys, packaging, digital angle meters, etc.