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Kai sharpening? Use Kai stones

Would you like to sharpen your Kai knife? Kai has got you covered. Your precious knife only deserves the very best. That is what Kai offers. They have stones, a strop and even a sharpening machine. Everything to get your knife back in shape racing over your cutting board.

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 Kai Shun Elektric water sharpener

Electric sharpening system by Kai Shun. Using a sharpening stone grit 1000.

 Kai Polishing Strop Set

Set with stropping paddle and polishing paste for maintenance of (kitchen) knives.

 Kai Polish Cream polishing paste for strops

Fine polishing paste for stropping (kitchen)knives

 Kai WS-3000 sharpening stone, grit 3000

Sharpening stone, to keep your knives sharp. Grit: 3000 Dimensions: 19x6x2 cm

 Kai WS-800 sharpening stone, grit 800

Sharpening stone, to restore the fold on the edge of blunt knives. Grit: 800 Dimensions: 19x6x2 cm

 Kai Shun 4-pc sharpening and maintenance kit

4-pc set, consisting of a Shun sharpening stone, camelia oil, maintenance cloth and convenient storage box

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