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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Case sharpening products: an icon of American craftsmanship

Everyone who owns a Case knife, of course, also wants to keep it in great shape. But, we all know that once you start using a Case knife, you can't stop using it. With the Case sharpening products you can keep your knives sharp and clean. Regardless of where you are.

Case products have been produced by hand in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA for hundreds of years. The classic pocket knives are sometimes also lovingly called the knives your grandfather would carry. Case excels at this. It is sometimes said that these are the most collectible pocket knives in the world. All Case products are assembled, finished and sharpened by hand. As such you can clearly see the hand of the maker in the product. It is therefore also not surprising that the natural materials differ per product.

History of W.R. Case Knives

Case Knives' history dates back to 1889. Back then the four Case brothers started producing knives. They were located next to a cart track in the state of New York and quickly reached a large number of loyal customers. It didn't take long before the brand and the production grew. Ever since Case grew out to become a global knife brand.