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TSPROF Blitz: showing off has never been so easy!

The TSPROF Blitz is a very compact sharpening system. With a height of 12 cm and a width of 13 cm this system won't take up much room on your workbench or desk. 'Despite' its size, however, this system will leave you with massive, professional results.

There are two different versions of the TSPROF Blitz collection. The 'regular' Blitz and the Blitz 360. The difference is that the guiding rod and sharpening stone holder of the TSPROF Blitz 360 can turn up to 360 degrees. In addition, the Blitz 360 has a higher 35 degree sharpening angle instead of the 27 degrees used for the regular Blitz. As such sharpening longer knives is a little easier and you can move the guiding rod out of the way as you sharpen your knives. Other than that the systems are identical and both just as great!