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Auto focus - binoculars

Auto focusing binoculars do not focus in the same way an auto focus camera does. In fact, the term, auto focusing is somewhat misleading. A more accurate term is 'fixed focus' binoculars. The focus has been fixed in the factory at a certain point in the distance and the viewer will have clear, focused vision from 15 metres.

You only need to use the dioptric correction setting to adjust the binoculars to accommodate your eye defect and you do not touch anything else. The advantage of these types of binoculars is that they do not have any moving parts and are therefore very reliable and durable. Since the minimum focusing distance is relatively far away, these binoculars are not suitable for bird watchers or insect enthusiasts.

These auto focusing binoculars are very similar to those binoculars with an individual focus (BIF model) as far as performance is concerned.

Since auto focusing binoculars only need to be focused and specially adjusted to suit the user once, they are not really suitable for sharing with other users. And since they actually depend largely on the adaptability of one's eyes, they are also far more appropriate for young(er) people, whose eyes have not yet degenerated too much. After all, the flexibility of our eyes decreases as we grow older. Even though these binoculars are somewhat less expensive, they are often more tiring to use and may cause eye strain.