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Compromise - Binoculars

Every optical system and therefore also every pair of binoculars and every telescope is a compromise among the various requirements you can set for yourself.

Therefore, when purchasing binoculars, it is really important to carefully consider which features are absolutely essential to you and which features are not really that important. For instance, if you are going on a safari in a car, then the weight of the binoculars is less important than if you were trundling around on foot in rough terrain. In the tropics, for example, it is important to ensure that your binoculars are watertight and fog proof whereas this is not relevant if you are planning to use your binoculars at a(n) (indoor) shooting range. Absence of bias or distortion is an important factor to consider for someone whose interest is architecture, whereas a bird watcher would not be bothered by a minor distortion. In a nutshell: something to suit everyone!