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Buying Guide: how do you comprise a knife set?

Knife sets come in many different compositions. Varying from two to eight knives per set. With or without a knife block. Including sharpening steel and/or a pair of scissors. In short: there is a lot to choose from. In this buying guide we will tell you how to comprise your favourite knife set.

The basic set

There are many different types of kitchen knives, each with their own speciality. As a result, one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to kitchen knives is: ‘Which knives do I really need?’  Let us reassure you: there is actually no one in the world who could possibly need dozens of different knives. We believe that a good basic set is comprised of four knives. A chef's knife, bread knife, turning knife and a paring knife. Each knife that is added to that range is an addition.

For culinary school

It is step one for any chef in training: a good knife. But what type of knife? We believe that for any amateur chef in training a good knife set is comprised of four knives. A chef's knife, a paring knife, a bread knife and a carving knife. Each knife that is added to that range is an addition.

Knife set with a knife block

Do you want to be ready for anything and be able to neatly and safely store your knives? Go with a knife set that comes with a knife block. A knife block looks great on your countertops. In addition, it will enable you to always keep your knives close and safely store them. A real eye-catcher in your kitchen.

The fish enthusiast

There is no other way to truly hurt a fish enthusiast than ruining a wonderfully fresh fish with the wrong knife. That is why we will highlight the perfect knives in this line-up to make sure you can prepare your fish with love. From filleting to decorating.

The meat lover

Do you love meat? If so, only use a razor-sharp knife when cutting raw and cooked meat. As such you prevent the knife from tearing the meat as you try to cut it. After all, with a good knife you can enjoy a delicious piece of meat to its full extent.

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