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Comparing German knife brands

By introducing the German knife brand Güde in our product line, we have expanded our range of knives from Sollingen in Germany. How do these knives relate to each other? Where are the similarities and differences? We compared 20cm Chef’s knives of all brands.

Güde Alpha


The Güde Chef’s knife is perfect when you like a heavier knife. The knives are mostly made by hand by German knife ‘masters’. The design is powerful and contemporary. The grip and blade are in perfect balance and make for the recognizable profile of Güde knives.


Kind of steelX50CrMoV15, Ice hardened
Total length38.9 cm
Weight310 grams
Blade length21.1 cm
Blade thickness3.7 cm
Length handle12.1 cm
Material handleHostaform
Dishwasher proofYes, but we advise against it. The dishwasher will increase the wear and tear on the knife.


Sharpening angle18° - 20°
Finish is at factory sharpness (cm per block)3.0 cm

Wüsthof Classic


The Wüsthof Classic Chef’s knife gets its classical appearance through the three studs in the grip. The ‘all-rounder’ in the kitchen is suitable for wedging, chopping and cutting. The Classic knife is hardened to 56-58 HRC. That means that it is sharp for a very long time and that it will be easy to sharpen.


Kind of steelX50CrMoV15
Total length37 cm
Weight266 grams
Blade length19.4 cm
Thickness blade2.9 cm
Length handle12.5 cm
Material handleBlack polypropylene
Dishwasher proofNo


Sharpening angle18 - 20°
Finish is at factory sharpness (cm per block)3.1 cm

Zwilling Pro


The Zwilling Pro series has a timeless classical design. The three studs in the grip strengthen its classical appeal. The weight of the knife, seamless transfer from blade to grip, and its comfortable positioning in the hand make for a perfect knife to handle.


Type of steelIce-hardened Friodur-steel
Total length32.9 cm
Weight250 grams
Blade length19.9 cm
Thickness blade2.3 cm
Length handle11.5 cm
Material handlePlastic
Dishwasher proofYes, but we advise against it. The dishwasher will increase the wear and tear on the knife.


Sharpening angle18 - 20°
Finish is at factory sharpness (cm per block)4.3 cm

The finish is factory-sharp

To be able to measure the sharpness of the blades we have set up a test. We measured the length of the movement one needs to cut through an object we have selected with a constant pressure of 50 grams. With a sharp knife the distance is shorter than a blade that is more dull.

What stood out in the Chef’s knife comparison?

The Güde Alpha Chef’s knife

A hand-made Chef’s knife by Güde is of the same quality as the knives of Wüsthof and Zwilling that are made by machine. The knife has the most characteristic and outstanding design. The Güde is delivered sharpest out of the three.

The Wüsthof Classic Chef’s knife

A classic. Not only by name but balso in our product line. The knife has the longest grip out of the three, which makes it suitable for people with long hands. The Wüsthof Classic is delivered sharp out of the factory, comparable to to the Güde Chef’s knife. The classical design is characteristic for the knife.

The Zwilling Pro Chef’s knife

The Zwilling Pro Chef’s knife is the lightest out of the three. Ideal for people who like a lightweight knife. The Zwilling grip is the shortest out of the three, which makes it easier to handle when you have small hands. A remarkable difference is the sharpness of the blade. Wüsthof and Güde deliver a much sharper blade. Which does not mean the knife is not sharp. You will still have to be very careful concerning your fingers!

Conclusion: enough diversity

Although all the knives orignate from Sollingen, they all have their distinctive characteristics. A preference is of course very personal. Weight, length, material of the grip: all important factors in choosing a knife. Luckily, even though these knives all come from Sollingen, there’s plenty of choice!