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WMF kitchen knives: for the ultimate culinary experience

WMF is the leading brand for kitchenware and other home appliances. They offer a large assortment of products that allow you to make every moment in your kitchen special. From food preparation and cooking to the actual dining. Kitchen knives, pans, cutlery, cooking accessories and much more. WMF products are all very stylish, and they perform like no other. Form follows function. In other words: no unnecessary fuss. Functional, high-quality, affordable yet stylish. What more could a cooking enthusiast ask for?

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175 Products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating

Reasons to choose WMF

Choosing to buy WMF means choosing German reliability and quality. With over a century and a half of experience, WMF knows what they're doing. Although, WMF does not shy away from innovation. The nice thing about WMF is that they have so many different kinds of products. Not just kitchen knives, but also cutlery, pans and other accessories such as cutting boards. So are you someone who is very brand loyal? WMF will be an excellent choice, as this brand has everything you could possibly need in the kitchen. WMF also offers products in different price ranges, so there's something for every budget.

WMF knives collections

WMF Chef’s Edition

The WMF Chef’s Edition series consists of high-quality kitchen knives for professional chefs. These knives are characterised by an all-steel construction. It gives the knives a sleek look, and it makes them easy to clean.

WMF Classic Line

The WMF Classic Line consists of affordable kitchen knives with a classic look. Traditional, black handles with rivets, but with a more ergonomic design.

WMF Grand Class

The WMF Grand Class knives are luxurious kitchen knives with a modern design. modern design.

WMF Grand Gourmet

The WMF Grand Gourmet series is a special collection of kitchen knives, designed by Japanese designer Makio Hasuik. These knives have a handle made of WMF's signature Cromargan steel.

WMF Kineo

The WMF Kineo series is an affordable collection of kitchen knives made in Germany. Comfortable handles, simple blades. Simply put: very good knives!

WMF Spitzenklasse Plus

WMF's Spitzenklasse Plus series consists of kitchen knives in German style. Look at the handle, for example, with its three rivet design. This collection is very comprehensive, so you'll be able to find pretty much all kitchen knives you could possibly need.

WMF Yari

WMF's Yari series is a collection of Japanese-style kitchen knives. The blades are even made from Japanese steel! These knives are produced in China to keep the price low.

WMF product types

WMF kitchen knives

WMF kitchen knives are produced in Germany. This is reflected in the timeless designs and the perfect balance, seamless finish and razor-sharp blades of stainless steel. For example, take the kitchen knives from the Spitzenklasse Plus series. For several decades, this series has been one of WMF's most popular and comprehensive series featuring many types of kitchen knives, knife sets and other kitchen accessories. Which WMF kitchen knives will enrich your kitchen: do you need a tomato knife, a butter knife or cheese knives? WMF is the right brand for you.

WMF knife sets

With WMF knife sets you can buy a complete set of WMF kitchen knives at a very competitive price. Purchasing the knives as a set allows you to save money compared to purchasing them separately. A great bargain!

WMF chef's knives

WMF chef's knives look fantastic and feel great in hand. Chef's knives are one of the most often used knives in the kitchen, so why not invest in a comfortable one?

WMF cutlery

WMF's range includes more than just kitchen knives. WMF also sells wonderful cutlery. From one-person sets to 66-piece sets for twelve people. Moreover, WMF also offers steak knives and children's cutlery.

WMF pans

In addition to kitchen knives, WMF also produce excellent pans. These WMF pans are characterised by their exquisite finish. They are neatly polished and suitable for all heat sources.

WMF: since 1853

The history of WMF, or Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, dates back to 1853. This company quickly grew into a leading manufacturer of cutlery and other steel products, demonstrating its craftsmanship. Today, WMF is synonymous with a large range of kitchen utensils, from razor-sharp kitchen knives and elegant cutlery to durable pans and innovative kitchen gadgets. The brand continues to surprise its customers with the quality and durability of its products. Today, many WMF products are still made in Germany, although there are also inexpensive products made in Asia.

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