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WMF Kineo: kitchen knives for everyone

WMF Kineo knives are for everyone. From hobby chefs to professional chefs. These knives are affordable and modern. The latter is thanks to the designs that reflect the latest trends in interior, architectural and automotive design. This WMF collection is made in Germany from the finest materials. As a result, the knives are durable and razor-sharp, and suited for everyone! The knives are designed according to the 'performance cut' technology developed by WMF. As such, the knives retain their sharpness for a very long time.

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Features of the WMF Kineo series

WMF Kineo knives are also sold in sets. Buying a knife set is an inexpensive way to get a high-quality matching set of kitchen knives.

WMF Kineo type of steel

The blades are made from X50Cr15MoV-steel. Sounds complicated, but this stainless steel is one of the most commonly used types of steel for kitchen knives. This is simply because it is easy to sharpen, retains its sharpness well and has excellent corrosion resistance. WMF sharpens each blade with laser precision. Each knife is individually measured with a laser, after which the optimal sharpening angle is determined. A robot then sharpens the blade to an unprecedented sharpness. Ready for a lifetime of intensive use. In addition, WMF's blades are heated at different temperatures. This makes the blade extremely hard and corrosion resistant.

WMF Kineo handle

The handles are made from black POM. This is an extremely durable type of plastic that can withstand all substances and conditions that can occur in a kitchen. The handles have been finished with a stainless steel cap and a metal bolster. This gives the knives their perfect balance. A real asset to any kitchen!