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A Sage chopping board brings sustainability to your kitchen

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You can buy a Sage chopping board with peace of mind. Sage chopping boards are made from a durable and environmental friendly material. Sage uses a combination of FSC-certified wood pulp and resin. The boards are extra hygienic because they are not porous. The Sage chopping board thus meets the HACCP standard.

Sage cutting board

The cutting boards by Sage are a multifunctional element in a kitchen. Besides its being a perfect underground for cutting, the board is also heat resistant (up to 350 degrees) and therefore good to use as a coaster. The cutting board by Sage can be put in a dish washer and cutting on it with a sharp knife will not cause very deep cuts in the surface. But on the other side, the material is soft enough not to damage the edge of the knife. You can buy several differen cutting boards by Sage on Because of all the convenient properties, the lifetime warranty and the elegant design, we can definitely recommend these boards.