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Benriner mandolines

Get a little help in the kitchen straight out of Asia

Benriner mandolins, for a neat cutting result

With a dose of experience dating back to the forties of the last century, the Japanese Benriner is a familiar name when it comes to mandolins. The Japanese company started out with wooden radish cutters, which were used mainly in the hospitality industry. The wooden mandolin was replaced with a plastic version in 1969, making it immediately popular for use in the home.

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Today, the Benriner-mandolin is still very recognizable. The strong design has only been modified very little over the years. After all, what's good must stay good! However, these days you can get Benriner mandolins in different sizes, making a perfect mandolin available for every cutting wish!

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 Benriner turning slicer spiral cutter, standing, 200857

Standing spiral cutterr. For slicing vegetables in long pieces and julienne.

 Benriner turning slicer spiral cutter, flat on surface, 200843

Flat spiral cutter. For slicing vegetables in long pieces and julienne.

 Benriner mandoline, 641110, 6,4 cm

Suitable for slicing and jullienne. Width: 64mm

 Benriner mandolin Super, 951110, 9,5 cm

Useful cutting help for quickly and safely slicing fruit and vegetables at a constant thickness. Delivery includes 3 serrated blades for cutting 'en julienne'.

 Benriner mandoline Jumbo, 120110, 12 cm

Convenient cutting aide to cut vegetables and fruit on a constant width.

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