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Buying a chef’s knife? The best knives in our online store

Use a chef's knife to cut vegetables, meat and fish. A chef's knife is an all-rounder that's also perfectly suited to cut herbs, crush peppercorn and peel a clove of garlic. Are you looking to buy a chef's knife? Knivesandtools has got you covered. We have the largest online range of chef's knives for the best prices.

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247 Products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Fast delivery from our own stock
More than 17.000 products
We love quality products
Our customers give us a 5-star rating

Looking for a good chef's knife?

We sell a wide range of chef's knives in all shapes and sizes. We would also love to help you choose the right kitchen knife for in your kitchen.

Find the best price-quality ratio

We source great quality kitchen knives from all over the world. Often, we are able to buy directly from the manufacturer. From Japan to Germany, France, Italy or China, you will always find the best chef's knives at Knivesandtools. From simple chef's knives at entry-level prices to the best of the best chef's knives. Large or smaller, affordable to expensive; Knivesandtools has what you need.

What are the best chef's knives?

That's quite the question. There are many factors determining whether a chef's knife is a good chef's knife for you. As a chef, you'll want a professional chef's knife that can handle daily use. As a passionate amateur chef, you might want a mid-range knife that will require a bit more maintenance. At Knivesandtools, you'll find all kinds of chef's knives.

Classic chef's knife

Are you looking for a classic chef's knife? Be sure to check out our German chef's knives and our French chef's knives. You recognize these knives by their classic three-rivet handle design and forged bolster.

Chinese chef's knife

A Chinese chef's knife is a chef's knife with a high, square blade. It might look like a cleaver at first glance but be careful not to use it like one. This knife is not for chopping, it is meant to finely cut herbs and vegetables.

Japanese chef's knife

Japanese chef's knives excel in sharpness and user comfort. Japanese knives have tough blades with very thin cutting edges. As a result, these knives are extremely sharp. However, the downside of this is that the knives are relatively fragile, making them mostly suitable for experienced users.

Italian chef's knife

Many excellent chef's knives are produced in Italy. Chef's knives made in Italy excel in design and finish.

Serbian chef's knife

The Serbian chef's knife rose in popularity thanks to YouTube. It's an unusual knife that looks like a combination between a cleaver and a santoku, though it is larger and thicker than either. Great for outdoor cooking!

Frequently asked questions about chef's knives

The best steel type for a chef's knife

What is the best steel type for a chef's knife? This question requires a more complex answer than you might expect at first glance. A steel type needs to strike a balance between corrosion resistance, sharpness retention and ease of sharpening. Most knives will excel in one or two of these qualities. Though there are some that aim for the perfect comprise between the three. Take carbon steel, for example: it has excellent sharpness retention, but it is not stainless. Then there are the stainless steel types, which offer great corrosion resistance but compromise on sharpness retention. A good thing to keep in mind is that even the most corrosion resistant steels are able to form rust under the right circumstances. That's why it's important to wash your kitchen knives by hand. Are you looking for a German chef's knife of excellent quality? Consider purchasing a Zwilling chef's knife.

Damascus chef's knife

You can also choose a damascus chef's knife. Damascus kitchen knives often feature a core of a mono-steel, laminated between a damascus 'cladding'.

What are good brands that sell chef's knives?

We sell chef's knives from the best kitchen knife brands in our online shop. For example, German brands like Zwilling, Böker, WMF or Robert Herder, or French chef's knives from Lion Sabatier. Are you looking for the best price-quality ratio? The Eden kitchen knives are what you've been looking for. At Knivesandtools you will only find top-quality products.

Sharpening your chef's knife

In time, any knife you regularly use will become blunt. It doesn't matter how good the quality is; it's just a fact of life. You can sharpen your chef's knife yourself. There are many options and methods you can use. From artisanal water sharpening stones for ultimate sharpness, to easy-to-use pull-through knife sharpeners. Read more about sharpening knives here?

Having your chef's knife engraved: a fantastic gift!

Did you know you can also have your chef's knives engraved? Engraved chef's knives also make the perfect gift! Engrave names, dates or images and logos!

The handle of a chef's knife

Of course, the knife needs to feel great in hand. There are many differences between the handles of different chef's knives. Some are thicker, others have a western handle, but there are also knives enhanced with a Japanese style handle. We can tell you much about it, but it basically comes down to taste. We do recommend choosing a thicker handle if you have large hands, and a slimmer model if you have small hands. It is also important to pay close attention to whether the handle is suited for left or right-handed use. We have clearly indicated this in the specifications of each chef's knife.

Are chef's knives dishwasher proof?

Do you want to be able to clean your knives in your dishwasher? If so, we advise a knife with a plastic or stainless-steel handle. However, we always advise against cleaning your knives in your dishwasher. Chef's knives that are cleaned in the dishwasher are prone to rust and become blunt much faster. We advise cleaning them by hand after use. That is how you will enjoy them the longest!