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1. Eden Classic Damast Chef's knife 20cm

2. Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef's knife 20cm

3. Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Chef's knife 20cm

4. Eden Susumi SG2 Chef's knife 20cm

5. Eden Essentials Chef's knife 20cm

A chef's knife is the best ingredient in your kitchen

All cooking fans enjoy buying a chef's knife. Chef's knives are the base of your kitchen and for many the first step towards cooking delicious dishes. The shape of the chef's knife is very characteristic with its lightly rounded line. The blade is approximately 20 cm long. There also are smaller chef's knives of approx. 16 cm long, whereas professional chefs often buy longer knives. Chef's knives have a high blade of approx. 4 to 5 cm to ensure that you can hold the fingers of the hand you hold the food with against the side of the blade. You thus can work safely and quickly.

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The chef's knife you can buy from

Everyone at is crazy about the new chef's knife. We test all knives and therefore know well which knives we integrate in our assortment. You will only find top quality knives with us. Please contact us if you have questions or you want to know more about Eden chef's knives.

How can you buy the chef's knife that suits you?

A chef's knife is used by cooking enthusiasts, both amateur chefs and professional chefs. The knives must be used for cutting vegetables, meat and fish. That basic knife often is the start of a knife set. Decide whether you want to buy a whole set part by part or start with a number of basic knives. Examine the type of steel, the thickness of the blade and the hardness of the steel. The harder the steel, the longer the knife remains sharp. You can read everything about the different types of kitchen knives on our information page.

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 Wusthof Silverpoint 4692/20 chinese chef’s knife

Blade length: 20.5 cm
Overall length: 33.3 cm
Weight: 275 grams

 Wusthof Silverpoint 4692/18 chinese chef’s knife

Blade length: 18.5 cm
Overall length: 31.3 cm
Weight: 253 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Chinese Chef’s Knife, 4686/18

Blade length: 18.2 cm
Overall length: 31.5 cm
Weight: 220 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Chai Dao, 4177/17

Blade length: 16 cm
Overall length: 30 cm
Weight: 220 grams

 Eden Susumi SG2 Chef's knife, 23 cm

Hand-forged Japanese chef’s knife with a blade length measuring 23 cm from the Eden Susumi series.

 Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife with holes, 4563/20

Blade length: 20,5 cm
Overall length: 33,5 cm
Weight: 265 grams

 Zwilling Pro chef's knife 20 cm, 38401-201

Blade length: 19.9 cm
Overall length: 32.9 cm
Weight: 250 grams

 Zwilling 34373-201 Miyabi 5000MCD, Gyutoh

Blade length: 20.0 cm
Overall length: 33.6 cm
Weight: 180 grams

 Zwilling 34911-201 Twin Chef chef's knife

Blade length: 20.2 cm
Overall length: 32.3 cm
Weight: 235 grams

 Zwilling 30341-201 Twin Cuisine chef's knife

Blade length: 19.8 cm
Overall length: 34.5 cm
Weight: 270 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2033V

Blade length: 16.0 cm Overall length: 28.7 cm Weight: 180 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2035V

Blade length: 20.0 cm
Overall length: 32.5 cm
Weight: 200 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2036V

Blade length: 25.0 cm
Overall length: 38.4 cm
Weight: 270 grams

 Opinel kitchen knife and finger protector 'Le petit chef'

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Overall length: 20.7 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Wüsthof Pro Chef's knife, 4862/20

Blade length: 20.7 cm
Overall length: 34.6 cm
Weight: 180 grams

 Wüsthof Pro Chef's knife, 4862/26

Blade length: 26.5 cm
Overall length: 40.5 cm
Weight: 215 grams

 Kai Tim Mälzer Junior Chef's knife + finger protector

Blade length: 11.0 cm
Overall length: 21.0 cm
Weight: 75 grams

 Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Overall length: 22.5 cm
Weight: 48 grams

 Robert Herder kitchen knife, walnut handle 14 cm

Traditional Solingen Windmill knife. This knife is regarded as the superior deluxe version of the renowned Lignum 3, another top-quality knife by Robert Herder. This superb kitchen knife is handcrafted by Rudolf Broch, the master knife maker. His traditional expertise and workmanship guarantee that this kitchen knife is crafted using techniques that have almost become obsolete.

 Robert Herder K3, filleting- and kitchen knife, 9740.1537.04

Blade length: 12.5 cm
Overall length: 24.2 cm
Weight: 59 grams

 Robert Herder K4, Chef's knife, 7451.1854.04

Blade length: 12.7 cm
Overall length: 25.7 cm
Weight: 111 grams

 Robert Herder K5, Chef's knife, 9745.1855.04

Blade length: 17.4 cm
Overall length: 30.0 cm
Weight: 128 grams

 Güde Alpha chef's knife, 1805/16

Blade length: 16.0 cm
Overall length: 28.0 cm
Weight: 205 grams

 Güde Alpha chef's knife, 1805/21

Blade length: 21.1 cm
Overall length: 34.0 cm
Weight: 310 grams

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