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Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04

Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04
€ 82.50  € 76.00
SKU: RH9218153604
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3 reviews
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This kitchen knife of the K-series by Robert Herder has a blade of carbon steel. This steel has a high proportion of carbon of at least 1%. The blade is manually sharpened with a variation of the traditional ' Dünnschliff ', namely the ' Kesselschen Walkschliff '. This is a special sharpening technique to attain a convex edge. The result is a knife with extreme sharpness and an above average sharpness conservation.

The ergonomics are excellent. The handle with rounded shapes is slim and graceful and very comfortable to hold. The K-series is designed for cooking enthusiasts who want to use their kitchen knives intensively.

It is important to note that carbon steel not stainless or rust resistant. That means it should be treated with care and certainly not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Dry it immediately after use and maybe even oil the steel a bit, then you can count on many years of pleasant use . Sometimes the steel may show some discolorations. This is a feature of the type of steel and completely normal. It is absolutely not a flaw of the knife.

Robert Herder knives are largely hand-made, which may cause for a longer delivery time. This can also mean that the delivery time on our website can be subject to change. When the knife is ‘in stock’ we have received it from the factory and can ship it out to you.


  • Brand: Robert Herder
  • Series: K-series
  • Type: cook's knife
  • Delivered as a set: no
  • Number of knives: 1
  • Overall length: 22.5 cm
  • Blade length: 10.5 cm
  • Blade height: 3.4 cm
  • Blade thickness: 1.4 mm
  • Weight: 48 gram
  • Type of steel: carbon steel
  • Hardness: 60 HRC
  • Finish blade: light matted
  • Blade characteristics: smooth
  • Type of edge: plain edge
  • Way of sharpening: Western sharpening angle
  • Sharpening angle: 15º
  • Total angle: 30 graden
  • Type of handle: Western grip
  • Handle length: 11.4 cm
  • Material handle: plum wood
  • Colour: brown
  • Right or left-handed: symmetrical
  • Dishwasher safe: no
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 25 year
  • Can be engraved: no
Artikelnr.: RH9218153604
Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04
in stock  
€ 82.50  € 76.00

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Reviews     (9.3)   Average score from 3 review(s)
Naam: Anoniem, Bristol
Datum: 31 January 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateLovely smallish knife, well balanced, light. Very good blade. I think excellent for a smaller hand. Needs to be cleaned and oiled immediately after use, some discolouration seems unavoidable.
Naam: John H., Hereford
Datum: 22 September 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateVery sharp, light - versatile. Thinness of blade contributing to those positives is also susceptible to breakage - strictly slicing; not a chopping blade. A carbon blade so, not a put away wet/damp knife ... and slicing of acidic foods can stain the blade quickly; many call that character.
Naam: Glenn, Pontyclun
Datum: 19 May 2010

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateThe sharpest "out of the box" kitchen knife I've ever owned. A superb tool, even though it's pretty expensive. I was initially concerned about the small handle, but it's extremely comfortable, and it slices like a laser. Being carbon steel it does require decent care though - no dishwashers! Recommended.