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Robert Herder K-series

Robert Herder is known for making different choices than many other knife manufacturer's, where materials are concerned. A preference of Robert Herder is always a hard type of steel. In many cases this is carbon steel with a share of at least 1% carbon. This steel is more sensitive to corrosion and it must therefore be treated with care. The type of steel and the traditional ' Dünnschliff ' method reward this care in productions with the cutting pleasure that these knives provide. The sharpness and sharpness preservation are at a higher level than that of most competitors. The sharpening method of the knives in the K-series is called the ' Kesselschen Walkschliff '. This is a manual sharpening method. It is labor intensive but the results are worth it.

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A blade of carbon steel

The knives with carbon steel have a high hardness of 60 HRC. The rust resistant knives in the K-series, get very close to the carbon steel knives in terms of hardness and sharpness preservation. All knives in the K-series have a slender designed handle which is attached to the steel with rivets. The finish is extremely smooth. The transition between handle and steel can actually not be felt. These knives ooze craftmanship and dedication.

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 Robert Herder K5, Chef's knife, 9745.1855.04

Blade length: 17.4 cm
Overall length: 30.0 cm
Weight: 128 grams

 Robert Herder K4, Chef's knife, 7451.1854.04

Blade length: 12.7 cm
Overall length: 25.7 cm
Weight: 111 grams

 Robert Herder K3, filleting- and kitchen knife, 9740.1537.04

Blade length: 12.5 cm
Overall length: 24.2 cm
Weight: 59 grams

 Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Overall length: 22.5 cm
Weight: 48 grams

 Robert Herder K1 peeling knife, 9730.1475.04

Blade length:9.1 cm
Overall length: 20.5 cm
Weight: 35 grams

 Robert Herder K0 peeling knife, 9730.1465.04

Blade length: 6.6 cm
Overall length: 18.0 cm
Weight: 33 grams

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