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Ontario Old Hickory kitchen knives: enjoy outdoor cooking

The Ontario Knives brand, known in full as Ontario Knife Company, has been around since 1889. You have probably already heard of this brand and their famous, no-nonsense pocket knives or their contributions to the US army. Ever since the Second World War, Ontario Knives has been one of the larger knife suppliers of the United States Army.

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Features of Ontario Old Hickory

The faith that has been placed in this brand over the years says something about the reliability of their knives. Each knife is made to be used. And this experience and down-to-earth attitude can also be seen when you look at the kitchen knives from the Old Hickory collection: these knives are robust, coarse and durable. Made from carbon steel and hard wood. Old Hickory knives are used in kitchens, but recently they are also becoming more popular in the outdoor kitchen. It's because of their rough, robust design that they are popular amongst BBQ enthusiasts.

Carbon steel

These kitchen knives are made from high-quality 1095 carbon steel. This steel can be sharpened to extreme levels of sharpness and it retains its edge very well. However, it does require some maintenance to prevent rust. Wash the knife by hand immediately after use, and then dry it well.


Ontario's kitchen knives are simple and traditional. The name of the series 'Old Hickory' refers to the type of wood that is used for the handles. These knives all have a full-tang construction, meaning the steel of the blade extends all the way through the handle. This provides extra strength and stability. These kitchen knives are handmade by experts.

History of Old Hickory

Ontario Knife Company is an American knife brand with a rich history. Their line of kitchen knives is called Old Hickory. The company was founded in 1889 in Naples, New York. The Old Hickory collection was first introduced in the early 1900s. These knives are famous for their durability and traditional design. They were beloved for their robustness and sharpness, and commonly used by farmers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

During the First and Second World Wars, Ontario Knife Company's range changed to focus on military knives and bayonets. Among others, they produced the legendary M3 Trench Knife.

Old Hickory knives are still being made by the Ontario Knife Company, now based in Franklinville, New York. The brand has a loyal following and is beloved for its affordable and high-quality knives.

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