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Triangle kitchen accessories

Because cooking is more than just preparing dishes, Triangle has an enormous range of kitchen accessories that can be used to make the finest decorations. Cutting slices or strips (and julienne) is not a problem at all with many of these accessories. Small or wide, Triangle has the proper tools.

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Cutting accessories from Solingen

Triangle is produced, just as many kitchen knives, in the home of knives: Solingen. New and innovative products are constantly worked on in the factory. The extensive quality requirements ensure very practical and sustainable kitchen accessories. The striving for excellence goes so far that each product is being individually checked before leaving the factory.

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 Triangle peeler<br>Triangle peeler, 100400600

Blade length: 6.3 cm
Total length: 16.4 cm
Weight: 30 grams

 Triangle Julienne-cutter, 501020702

Cutting device for cutting 'endless' strips with a width of 3 mm.

 Triangle Julienne-cutter Professional, 100931202

Width cut strips: 3 mm
Width cutting surface: 4.5 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Triangle Julienne-set Professional, 100940302

Width cut strips: 3 mm
Width cutting surface: 4.5 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Triangle Pizza cutter, blade diameter: 10 cm

Large pizza cutter with comfortable handle.

 Triangle ginger/lemon grater, 501371902

Dimensions total: 18.8x4.4 cm
Dimensions grater: 8.2x3.5 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Triangle grater fine, 13 cm SS

Fine grater for a.o. grating cheese. Made of SS.

 Triangle grater medium coarse, 13 cm SS

Medium coarse grater for a.o. grating cheese. Made of SS.

 Triangle grater coarse, 13 cm SS

Coarse grater for a.o. grating cheese. Made of SS.

 Triangle grater for Parmezan cheese 13 cm SS

Sturdy grater for Parmezan cheese. Made of SS.

 Triangle Spiral-cutter, 501000502

Spiral-cutter for decoratively cutting, for example, beet, turnip and apple.

 Triangle Julienne-cutter, 501010702

Cutting device for cutting 'endless' slices of 6 cm wide

 Triangle Deko-Spiral cutter, 501033502

Cutter for cutting ribbed strips.

 Triangle grater, 721411502

Blade length: 6 cm Width cutting edge: 5,5 cm Weight: 4,8 gram

 Triangle wavey cutter, 508199002

Blade length: 9 cm Blade height: 7 cm Weight: 2,3 gram

 Triangle asparagus peeler red, 501861802

Blade length: 3 cm Total length: 17,5 cm Weight: 1,4 gram

 Triangle 7-pcs garnishing set 9025507

7-pcs garnishing set in bag

 Triangle oyster knife 542010600

Blade Length:5,8 cm Total Length:15,7 cm Weight: 70 gram

 Triangle plate for chopping knife, 20x20x3cm, 50.805.20.00

Triangle plate for chopping knife Dimensions: 20x20x3,8cm Diameter space for chopping: 18 cm

 Triangle fishbone tweezers sloped edges 13cm, 50.485.13.02

Fishbone tweezers sloped edges Length: 13 cm Weight: 1,7 gram

 Triangle fishbone tweezers straight edges, 13 cm, 50.486.13.02

Triangle fishbone tweezers Length: 13 cm Weight: 1,7 gram

 Triangle herb chopper double 14cm,

Blade length: 14 cm Weight: 4,9 gram Double blade

 Triangle herb chopper 18 cm,

Blade length: 18 cm Weight: 4,2 gram Single blade

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