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GEFU: Being the star of your own kitchen? It has never been easier!

GEFU’s products combine function, quality and design. Each and every one of them is a sight for sore eyes and extremely functional. The range is comprised of many useful kitchen tools such as universal peelers, graters, 3 in 1 apple peelers, mincers, egg slicers and, of course, the popular spirelli. The well-designed kitchen tools make time-consuming tasks such as peeling and cutting vegetables a piece of cake. Get amazing results quickly and easily. The products are, where possible, made from stainless steel and therefore dishwasher proof. Why do things the hard way when there is GEFU?

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GEFU Spirelli spiral slicer: endless possibilities

MWith the GEFU Spirelli spiral slicer you can easily serve julienned spirals made from vegetables, also called vegetable spaghetti. Prepare delicious courgette spaghetti or decorative cucumber or carrot slices. In an instant the Spirelli will transform boring vegetables and fruit into an appetizing and festive meal. Ideal for decorating your dishes. You can’t go wrong with this amazing tool! You can read all about the GEFU Spirelli here.

Quality check

Kitchen tools are used every day and simply need to deliver. It is therefore essential that the products live up to your expectations. For this reason the products at GEFU are checked by internal and external organisations. All to make sure you can bring the best products home.

By constantly checking the products the quality is guaranteed. However, to ensure the quality GUFU even gives a 5-year guarantee on most of its products. This guarantee can be recognized from the Q5 label on the box.

The history of GEFU

GEFU’s success story began in 1943 when the company started selling stainless steel kitchen tools such as peelers, graters and juicers. In 2001 the brand was given a new look as both the company logo and the packages changed. However, also the entire range was checked and expanded. The result was a modern and innovative brand with a complete range of products. Chef’s from around the world appreciate the products made by GEFU. In total GEFU exports its products to over 55 countries, and we are sure more will follow soon!

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 GEFU Spirelli spiral cutter 13460

Big spiral cutter with 2 different cutting widths: 3,0 mm and 4,5 mm

 GEFU crème brûlée-set 5-pcs

5-piece crème brûlée-set with a burner and 4 porcelain bowles

 GEFU Fuego kitchen burner 35400

Convenient kitchen burner for making crème brûllée and other things.

 GEFU Spirelli 2.0 spiral cutter 13780

Large spiral cutter with 2 cutting widths: 2 X 3,0 mm en 3,5 X 5 mm

 Gefu Spiralfix spiral cutter 13410

Large spiral cutter with 4 cutting widths: 3mm, 6mm, 12mm en 55mm

 GEFU Delicio apple peeler, 13560

3-in-1 apple peeler. Peels, cores and cuts.

 GEFU Professional Plus pineapple slicer incl. storage container, 13550

For perfect slices and cubes of pineapple

 GEFU Professional pineapple slicer, 13500

For perfect slices and cubes of pineapple

 GEFU Tari slicer, 13420

Slicer for 5 mm slices

 GEFU Garlico garlic cutter, 13450

Compact stainless steel/plastic garlic cutter. Dishwasher proof.

 GEFU Pomo tomato-/apple cutter, 13590

For 12 uniform wedges

 GEFU Duo egg slicer, 12350

Egg slicer for slices and wedges

 GEFU Rods cutter, 13750

For cutting perfect 12 x12 mm sticks

 GEFU Cubico cube cutter, 13900

Simply cut all your vegetables in small cubes

 GEFU vegetable-/herb chopper, 13910

Simply chop your vegetables and herbs

 GEFU Pomodoro tomato-pepper-kiwi peeler, 13640

Peeler with serrated blade

 GEFU Universal peeler, 13650

Universal peeler for peeling vegetables, fruit and potatoes

 GEFU Striscia julienne peeler, 13660

Julienne peeler with serrated blade

 GEFU Verdura vegetable-/cheese peeler, 13670

Peeler with wide blade. Suitable for different types of vegetables and cheeses

 GEFU Filigrano asparagus-/carrot peeler, 13770

Peeler with a round blade.

 GEFU Parmigiano Laser Cut cheese grater, 34680

With two discs for shavings and crumbs

 GEFU Cubo four-way grater, 10750

Stainless steel four-way grater for grating cheese, vegetables, chocolate and potatoes.

 GEFU Vitales four-way grater, 10760

Four-way grater with collecting container for cheese, vegetables, chocolate, ginger, and fruit.

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