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Kramer by Zwilling

Remarkable quality, pure beauty

Kramer by Zwilling knives

Come and meet the Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives. A collaboration between Zwilling and legendary American knife maker Bob Kramer. His knowledge and experience are the foundation for this range of kitchen knives. They are made in Japanese knife capital Seki. Each knife is a treasure in and of itself and looks exceptionally beautiful.

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About Bob Kramer

Bob Kramer is a household name when it comes to making knives. For years he has creating exceptional masterpieces! His main goal has always been to make high quality knives, easy to sharpen and staying sharp over time. Bob Kramer has passionately dedicated decades of his life to perfecting his steel forging skills. It didn’t go unnoticed, as there is a long waiting list of people who want a knife from his hand. He delivers handmade treasures!

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 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji office knife 10 cm, 38260-101

Blade length: 10 cm Totale Length:21.7 cm Weight: 71 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji utility knife 13 cm, 38260-131

Blade length: 13 cm Totale Length:28.3 cm Weight: 114 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji carving knife 23 cm, 38260-231

Blade length: 23 cm Totale Length:39 cm Weight: 192 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji chef's knife 20 cm, 38261-201

Blade length: 20 cm Totale Length:35.3 cm Weight: 226 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji chef's knife 26 cm, 38261-261

Blade length: 26 cm Totale Length:40.2 cm Weight: 245 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji bread knife 26 cm, 38266-261

Blade length: 26 cm Totale Length:40.5 cm Weight: 204 gram

 Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji santoku 18 cm, 38268-181

Blade length: 18 cm Totale Length:34 cm Weight: 212 gram

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