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Line-up: damast kitchen knives

There are different famous kitchen knife brands that produce damascus steel knives. The number of steel layers varies, but the similarity is clear: these knives are stunning. We added four of the best knives to this line-up.

Sakai Takayuki bunka
This Sakai Takayuki bunka knife has a kengata blade. Kengata stands for ‘sword-like’ and refers to the sharply sloping end. The blade has a core made from hard VG-10, encased in 33 layers of damascus steel. The side is hammered. This takes care of the unique look and feel.

Nesmuk Exclusive C90 chef's knife
When you look at this Nesmuk Exclusive C90 chef's knife your eye is immediately drawn to the unparalleled damascus steel blade. This blade is comprised of a whopping 210 layers of damascus steel. The blade has a double-sided hollow grind. As such the edge is extra thin and, as such, razor-sharp.

Böker Damast Olive chef's knife
This Böker Damast Olive Chef's knife has a subtle pattern on the blade that matches the pattern on the wooden handle. The shape of the blade and the lack of the crop make this knife look very Japanese. Combine this elegant style with Japanese craftsmanship and you end up with this stunning chef’s knife.

Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji santoku
This Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji santoku is absolutely amazing to look at. The blade has a core made from FC61 steel, surrounded by hundreds of layers of steel. Thanks to a special process all knives get their own damast pattern, making each of them unique.

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2 review(s)
Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji santoku 18 cm, 38268-181 Blade length: 18 cm Totale Length:34 cm Weight: 212 gram
€ 237,15 € 279,00

± 2 weeks

1 review(s)
Böker Damask Olive 21.2 cm chef's knife, 130441DAM Blade length: 21.2 cm Total length: 33.7 cm Weight: 140 grams
€ 174,56 € 193,90

In stock

2 review(s)
Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE C90 chef's knife 18 cm, karelian birch burl, EDC90BM180 Blade length: 18 cm Total length: 33 cm Weight: 154 gram
€ 1.290,00

In stock

0 review(s)
Eden Magnetic knife strip Walnut, 50 x 6 cm 50 cm Eden magnetic knife strip. Made from walnut wood.
€ 99,95

In stock

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Sakai Takayuki santoku 33-Layer Damascus Hammered WA 17 cm Blade length: 17 cm; Blade height: 4.6 cm; Weight: 132 grams
€ 159,00

In stock

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Sakai Takayuki bunka 33-Layer Damascus Hammered WA 20 cm Blade length: 19.9 cm; Blade height: 4.8 cm; Weight: 150 grams
€ 169,00

± 1 month

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