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Damast kitchen knives! We have got an extensive collection

There are different famous kitchen knife brands that produce damascus steel knives. Take, for instance, the knives produced by Kai Shun, Sakai Takayuki or Tojiro. Or the knives from the Eden Classic Damast collection. All amazing to look at. The amount of layers of damast varies, but the similarity is clear: these knives are stunning. Our range contains almost two hundred knives with a blade made from damascus steel. You need to discover yourself what you prefer.

What is damascus steel?

Today you see a lot of knives with a blade made from damascus steel. But what is damascus steel? Damascus steel is steel that is comprised of a number of layers of steel that are forged on top of each other. Damascus steel is also called damast, damask steel or simply folded steel. Producing damascus steel is a true art form. As such each knife is unique because every pattern is different. Want to learn more? If so read our info-topic: What is damascus steel?

Why are damascus steel knives so expensive?

Damast is comprised of multiple layers of steel. With only three layers of steel it can already be called 'damast'. The more layers, the most sustainable the knife. The quality of the knife depends on the layers of steel and this is reflected in the price difference.