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Line-up overview

Whether you are a professional or amateur chef, a vegetarian or enjoy a piece of meat, whether you work in a large or small kitchen: for the best results first-class knives are indispensable. That is why made a selection of kitchen knives for everyone. Which set will suit your best?

Line-up outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is becoming more and more popular. We understand why. There is nothing better than preparing a nice meal in the company of your friends and family. You do so with the right gear. To start with a good knife set.

Line-up deluxe

With one of the luxurious knives from this line-up you, as a demanding (amateur)chef, will introduce your kitchen to only the best!

Line-up: fish lovers

There is no other way to truly hurt a fish lover than ruining a wonderfully fresh fish with the wrong knife. That is why we will highlight the perfect knives in this line-up to make sure you can prepare your fish with love. From filleting to decorating.

Line-up: meat lovers

Only use a razor-sharp knife when cutting raw and cooked meat. As such prevent the knife from tearing as you try to cut it. That is why this line-up only contains razor-sharp knives with a handle that feels amazing in hand, to make sure you have enough grip.

Line-up: Japanese kitchen knives

Japanese kitchen knives are becoming more and more popular. They are the cream of the crop. Razor-sharp and a sight for sore eyes. Made with a lot of love and craftsmanship and from top-quality materials. In this line-up we will highlight a couple Japanese knives.

Line-up: damast kitchen knives

There are different famous kitchen knives brands that produce damasteel knives. The number of steel layers varies, but the similarity is clear : these knives are stunning. This line-up shows you four of the most beautiful damast kitchen knives.

Line-up: Santoku's

A Santoku is the Japanese version of the chef's knife. A real all-rounder in the kitchen with a remarkable appearance. The word 'Santoku' means: 'three qualities'. It refers to the three ingredients the Santoku can handle like no other: meat, fish and vegetables. Are you looking for a kitchen knife with a unique style? Be inspired by these stunning Santoku knives!

Line-up Knivesandtools employee: Desiree

In this line-up Desiree's favourite kitchen knives. She tells us more about the knife set she fell in love with!

Line-up Knivesandtools employee: Ellen

In this Line-up the kitchen knife line-up from our colleague Ellen. She shows her favourite knives that are chosen based on hygiene, weight and size.

Line-up employee Knivesandtools: Tim

In this Line-up Tim's favourite kitchen knives. He shows us his favourite knife set and also tells us why these knives are his favourite.

Line-up employee Knivesandtools: Victor

In this line-up you will read all about Victor's favourite kitchen knives. He will show you which knives he uses to impress his friends

Line-up employee Knivesandtools: Sjoerd

In this Line-up Sjoerd's favourite kitchen knives. He shows us which knives he loves most and, secretly, these look a lot like his pocket knife collection.

Line-up: BBQ tools

Decent tools are indispensable during a BBQ. In this line-up we will introduce the best BBQ tools! Check out the line-up because who knows, there might be something you like!