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Line-up Knivesandtools employee: Ellen

There are couple of things I pay attention to when I purchase a kitchen knife. Weight, size and hygiene. I have relatively small hands and, as such, do not like using too heavy or too large knives. I also prefer knives that are easy to clean. In my line-up you will find knives I use on a daily basis and can no longer live without.

Zwilling Pro paring knife

This Zwilling Pro paring knife is a small, light-weight versatile knife. Perfect for my small hands. Also great: this knife is enhanced with a so-called full-tang construction. This means that the blade is forged from one piece of steel and completely merges with the handle. Very hygienic! Check, check, and check!

Victorinox SwissClassic vegetable knives, black

I think this Victorinox set is absolutely indispensable in the kitchen! You use the vegetable knives for almost any task. The knives with a serrated blade are great when cutting tomatoes and the knife with the smooth blade is perfect for vegetables and fruit. The knives weigh next to nothing, are not too big, and, also very important, easy to clean. They are namely dishwasher proof!

Wüsthof Grand Prix II chef's knife

A chef's knife is always great to have around. You can use this knife for many tasks in the kitchen. For vegetables, meat, fish and even fruit. I love to use this Wüsthof Grand Prix II chef's knife because it is not too big. With a 18 cm blade it is even one of the smallest chef's knives we sell. The great thing about this knife is that the centre of gravity is located in the middle. As such even I can easily use this all-rounder. Also important: like all other knives in this line-up I also think the design looks great. They sometimes say 'less is more', and in this case this is certainly true!

Wüsthof Grand Prix II bread knife

I love bread. At night on the couch with some brie, or fresh bread in the weekend, it is definitely my 'guilty pleasure'. With this Wüsthof Grand Prix II bread knife cutting bread is a piece of cake. Because of the razor-sharp edge you can easily cut through (fresh)bread. Perfect because it enables me to enjoy my favourite television show even longer! This is the second Wüsthof Grand Prix II knife in my line-up. Because bread knives, like chef's knives, are somewhat bigger I am glad I found a collection that, in terms of weight and size, perfectly suits me.

Expert Knivesandtools: Ellen

When I started working here in 2017 I wasn't really interested in knives. I wasn't 'crazy about knives' so to say. Yes, I used them in the kitchen but didn't think 'expensive' knives were worth their money. Today I know better! I love spending time in my kitchen and cutting ingredients is truly a relaxing experience. A good knife helps! I can therefore wholeheartedly say that, fortunately, you do not have to be 'crazy about knives' to appreciate top-quality knives.