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Kitchen knives for children

Together with your children in the kitchen. Fun for you and extremely educational for the young chef. Little at-home chefs can help care-free with use of the safe children’s knives from our collection.

 Robert Herder Mini Chef, red beech, stainless steel

Renowned windmill knife by Robert Herder. Its entire blade is very thinly ground for superb cutting performance. This little gem is not called ‘The Mini Chef’ for nothing

 Opinel kitchen knife and finger protector 'Le petit chef'

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Overall length: 20.7 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Opinel peeler 'Le petit chef'

Small and safe vegetable peeler, specially designed for children.

 Opinel kitchen knife set 'Le petit chef'

Kitchen knife set consisting of an extra safe peeler, chef's knife and finger protector. Specially designed for children.

 Kai Tim Mälzer Junior Chef's knife + finger protector

Blade length: 11.0 cm
Overall length: 21.0 cm
Weight: 75 grams

 Robert Herder Young Chef children's chef's knife, stainless steel

Robert Herder children's chef's knife, suitable for age of 10+

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