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Buying guide: how do you choose a children’s knife?

Children and knives: it remains a somewhat questionable combination. Many children believe daddies pocket knife to be the best thing there is. But such a large knife is not always suited for such small hands. Fortunately there are children’s pocket knives specifically designed for, yes, children. Often with a blunt tip to prevent accidents. We have listed the best children’s knives.

Important aspects when purchasing a children’s knife

First you need to think about if your child is ready to own his or her own knife. It is a great way to give your child a sense of responsibility, but it should happen at the right time. There is not a specific age when a child is ‘ready’ to own his or her first pocket knife. While some are ready to handle a knife at age five some will still cut themselves at 20. 

In addition, you need to pay attention to the choice between a pocket knife and a fixed knife. A pocket knife seems safer, but a fixed knife cannot close. Some pocket knives come with a little chain to make sure you can attach it to jeans. As a result you also decrease any chances of losing the knife.

A children’s pocket knife should be sharp!

It is one of the most frequently-heard myths that children’s knives shouldn’t be sharp. After all, that is only more dangerous. However, reality tells us something else:  when you use a blunt knife you apply more force increasing the chances of accidents. A sharp knife will actually cut through things and will not require as much force. Fathers and grandfathers who make the knife they are about to give away blunt can therefore cause even more damage.

Opinel children’s pocket knives

With its children’s pocket knives Opinel is of the most popular options. These knives are relatively affordable, have an easy to control lock and come in many bright colours. The AnimOpinel models have even been enhanced with fun animal prints. The wooden Opinel handles neatly fill the hand because of their round shape, even small children’s hands.

Victorinox children’s pocket knives

Anyone who thinks of pocket knives thinks of Victorinox. These Swiss pocket knives are, of course, also available as children’s pocket knives. The sharp point is missing, but the edge is still as sharp as is common for Victorinox. In addition, some other great aspects of these famous Swiss pocket knives are also present: tweezers for splinters, a tooth pick and a bottle opener slash screw driver. Some models are even enhanced with a wood saw. Practical about the Victorinox children’s pocket knives is that they come with a keycord or chain to decrease the chances of loss. It is, however, good to know that the Victorinox children’s pocket knives do not have a lock. They can, if you don’t use them properly, close.

Fixed children’s knives

When you think of fixed knives you are sometimes inclined to think: what a dangerous tool.  But when you think about it for a second you realize that a fixed knife is a lot safer than a pocket knife. After all, a fixed knife cannot close. No matter how you handle it. For that reason we believe that fixed knives are safer than children’s pocket knives.

Mora Wood Carving Junior 164

The Mora Wood Carving Junior is one of the few children’s knives with a sharp tip. This because the knife was specifically designed for wood carving. A sharp tip is then necessary for the detailed tasks. What makes this knife a children’s knife? The handle is a little slimmer to make sure children’s hands will also have enough grip. In addition, there is a large knife guard to make sure your hand doesn’t slip and end up at the edge. 

Hultafors and Mora safety knives

The Mora and Hultafors safety knives were not specifically designed to function as children’s knives. However, they are perfect for children. Because of the dull tip the risk of accidents is small and the large finger grooves for your index finger helps with this.

Engravings on a children’s pocket knives

Nothing beats giving a nice pocket knife as a gift to your (grand)child. Well, if the knife is engraved with the name of the child it will, of course, be even more amazing! We can engrave most children’s pocket knives. Want to learn more? Check out the page about engraving pocket knives.