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Fixed knives? We have got you covered!

If you are looking for fixed knives, you can choose from a wide assortment here. You will find knives in many shapes and sizes and with many different characteristics. You can buy daggers, machetes, diving knives, sailor’s knives and many more types of fixed knives from Knivesandtools.

Fixed knives are actually always safer to use than pocket knives. After all, a fixed knife cannot close when you don't want it to! As such it is always best to use fixed knives for the more demanding tasks. Think of survival situations, but also industrial purposes. In these cases a fixed knife could be the answer.

Bushcraft and survival knives

Survival and bushcraft are two extremely popular outdoor activities. Making a fire, building shelter, gathering food and making your own tools. Tasks that are difficult to carry out without a good knife. That is why we sell the best bushcraft and survival knives. Here you will find renowned brands such as Fällkniven, Bark River Knives, LionSteel, Mora, ESEE, KA-BAR and many more.