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Pocket Knives & Multitools

GiantMouse Knives: popular Danish design for everyone

GiantMouse Brands

GiantMouse Knives is Jesper Voxnaes’ and Jens Ansø’s baby. These two Danish designers have been making a name for themselves in terms of European pocket knife design for years. With an American collector and entrepreneur they decided to start their own knife brand: GiantMouse Knives. The characterizing Ansø and Voxnaes Danish design combined in one brand.

GiantMouse ACE Knives

The GiantMouse ACE collection focuses on making top-quality, practical EDC pocket knives accessible for a great price. After all, GiantMouse also produces collections of knives that are only limitedly available. Limited Editions as it were. The ACE collection, however, was made to be accessible to anyone looking for a GiantMouse knife.

GiantMouse: Danish design and Italian craftsmanship

Danish design is world renowned. Modern, minimalistic and focused on functionality. That is also what characterizes the GiantMouse knives. However, a good design won’t get you very far. It should, after all, also be produced accordingly. That is where GiantMouse’s Italian friends come into view. They have dozens of years of experience in making high-end knives from only the best materials. A match made in heaven. Especially when you consider that you can also detect some of the graceful, curved Italian design elements in these stunning pocket knives.