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Roselli knives: razor-sharp steel from Finland

Roselli Knives

For years Roselli knives have traditionally been made in Harmoinen, Finland. Typically Scandinavian, but with their own Roselli look and feel. Characterizing for Roselli are the knives made from extremely hard UHC steel. A hardness of 66-68HRC is almost unheard of! A remarkable and secret process ensures that despite this extreme hardness the knives are not brittle or fragile. They are made to be used. Whether you go hunting, fishing, camping or wish to enjoy a nice picnic: Roselli will have an amazing knife for you.

History of the Roselli knives

The story behind Roselli started in Finland. Heimo Roselli was born and raised on the countryside, and spent a lot of time outside fishing and hunting. As such he hated bad knives. That is why he started producing his own knives, to find the best belance between hardness and flexibility. He spent dozens of years looking and experimenting, and became a master at metal work and metallurgy. You can tell when you look at the Roselli products! They are known for their sustainability and very hard and sharp steel.

Warranty on Roselli knives

Roselli believes in its products. It is why the first owner of their products receives a lifelong warranty. This warranty also covers material and production flaws. Only for the knife, not the sheath. Damage to the tip and edge are not a part of warranty, unless it was clear that this damage was caused as a result of a material flaw. Damages caused by misuse or improper use are not covered by the warranty