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Ontario knives: can withstand almost anything


Ontario knives, in full Ontario Knife Company, has a long history. The company was established in 1889 and has, as a result, over 125 years of experience when it comes to making knives and tools.

Ever since the Second World War Ontario has been one of the largest knife suppliers who delivers to the United States army. The fact that others have such faith in this brand says something about the quality and reliability of the knives.

Ontario knives

Each Ontario knife has a no-nonsense look. They were simply made to be used and can withstand quite a lot. Ontario uses good-quality types of steel, such as carbon steel, to create their knives. When you order this knife you will receive one with an extremely sharp blade. You can, however, also easily sharpen the knife yourself to maintain its sharpness. The knives are primarily produced in the United States and have a decent price-quality ratio.

Ontario RAT-knives

In addition to its rich history Ontario is known for its RAT knives. These knives were developed in cooperation with Jeff Randall’s Adventure Training. The knives are robust, have a functional design and a decent price-quality ratio. The most popular models are the RAT-1 and RAT-2. The RAT-1 is the original of the RAT collection. A great knife made for the bigger jobs. The RAT-2 is RAT-1’s little brother. The Ontario RAT models turned out to be a big hit.

Ontario Blackbird SK-collection

In addition to the RAT knives there are many other collections designed by Ontario. One of the most famous is the Blackbird SK-collection designed by Paul Sheiter. The knives in this collection are made from American 154 CM steel and enhanced with a spear point blade. Great knives that were designed to be simple but also extremely functional. And Ontario truly delivered!

Ontario Sp-collection

Sp stands for Spec Plus. The knives from the Ontario Sp-collection were developed for soldiers and are made from carbon steel with black powder coating and Kraton handles for an excellent grip

Ontario produces a wide range of knives for various audiences. From soldiers to bushcrafters. A decent price-quality ratio and no-nonsense designs are what make people love these knives so much. It is for a reason they say: “Ontario: the knife you need when you need a knife”.