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SOG knives, superior outdoor and hunting knives

SOG knives feel great in your hand and you immediately feel it is a very functional knife. Logical, if you know the story behind the SOG knife. During the Vietnam War, members of the special SOG (Studies and Observations Group) were equipped with a special combat knife when they were on a secret mission. In 1986 the designer Spencer Frazer used this knife as inspiration for his SOG Bowie. The knife was very successful and SOG Specialty Knives was born. Since then, SOG produces a broad assortment of outdoor knives, hunting knives and tactical knives.

SOG, 100% functional

The knives from SOG are made for hunting expeditions, extreme conditions and also for daily tasks requiring a knife. You can absolutely add SOG to your outdoor equipment. You will find an extensive range of SOG knives at the best prices on

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 SOG Flash II FSA-8, plain edge, GRN handle

SOG pocket knife with high performance ‘Assisted Opening’ feature. The blade opens far more smoothly than in other knives thanks to this brilliant feature. Two sturdy locks protect the blade from opening or closing accidentally.

 SOG Flash II Tanto Satin straight edge- FSA-8

Handle/blade: frn/AUS8 Blade length: 8,8 cm Weight: 87 grams

 SOG Seal Team Elite SE37-K fixed blade

Handle/blade: FRN/AUS8 Blade length: 18 cm Weight: 301 grams

 SOG Visionary I – VS-01-CP

Handle/blade: frn/VG-10 Blade length: 7,6 cm Weight: 85 grams

 SOG Twitch XL – Wood Handle TWI24-BK

Handle/blade: hout/AUS8 Blade length: 8,3 cm Weight: 114 grams

 SOG Switchplier 2.0 SWP1001-CP

Convenient multitool with 12 separate tools and one-hand opening pliers

 SOG Cashcard – EZ1-CP pocket knife

Handle/blade: stainless steel/8Cr13Mov Blade length: 7,2 cm Weight: 56 grams

 SOG Fasthawk Polished F06PN-CP

Handle/blade: FRN/420HC Lengte bijlkop: 16.5 cm Weight: 473 grams

 SOG Super SOG bowie SB1T-L fixed knife

Handle/blade: leder/AUS8 Blade length: 19 cm Weight: 477 grams

 SOG Gambit GB1001-CP karambit knife

Handle/blade: FRN/7Cr17MoV Blade length: 6.9 cm Weight: 77 grams

 SOG Targa Satin TG1001-BX

Handle/blade: stainless steel/VG10 Blade length: 8,8 cm Weight: 90 grams

 SOG Twitch XL – Black Tini TWI21-BK

Handle/blade: aluminum/AUS8 Blade length: 8,3 cm Weight: 123 grams

 SOG Flashback- Satin SAT001-BX

Handle/blade: GRN/AUS8 Blade length: 8,9 cm Weight: 103 grams

 SOG MacV Tool SM1001-CP

Material: 3Cr13MoV Length: 6,2 cm Weight: 19 grams

 SOG Seal Strike SS1002-CP

Handle/blade: FRN/AUS8 Blade length: 12,4 cm Weight: 170 grams

 SOG Jungle Canopy

Large fixed blade knife that is categorised somewhere between an extremely large knife and a small machete. As you can expect, this knife is exceptionally strong and is ideal for cutting, as well as chopping and levering.

 SOG Kiku Fixed Large, Black Tini KU-2012

Handle/blade: micarta/AUS8 Blade length: 14,5 cm Weight: 311 grams

 SOG Salute Mini Black FF1101-CP

Handle/blade: G10/8Cr13MoV Blade length: 8,0 cm Weight: 100 gram

 SOG FF10-CP pocket knife

Handle/blade: G10/8Cr13MoV Blade length: 9,4 cm Weight: 136 grams

 SOG Bladelight Tactical BLT21K-CP fixed outdoorknife

Handle/blade: FRN/8Cr13MoV Blade length: 11,8 m Weight: 140 grams

 SOG Bladelight Hunt BLT20L-CP fixed hunting knife

Handle/blade: FRN/8Cr13MoV Blade length: 9,5c m Weight: 135 grams

 SOG Elite Entrenching Tool – F19N

Handle/blade: FRN/1075 carbon Scherplengte: 22 cm Weight: 716 grams

 SOG Growl JB02K-CP fixed knife

Handle/blade: FRN/9Cr18MoV Lengte: 8,7 cm Weight: 170 grams

 SOG Flashback- Satin Tanto SAT003-BX

Handle/blade: GRN/AUS8 Blade length: 8,9 cm Weight: 103 grams

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