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Bradford Knives: top-quality from the USA

Bradford Knives

Bradford Knives produces amazing fixed knives, for different purposes. In Kent, Washington, USA, Bradford Larkin produces the best fixed knives on a daily basis. Characterizing about Bradford Knives is the immense amount of options that are offered. A basic model. With three blade shapes. With multiple blade finishes. Sometimes even 20 different handle options. Different types of screws. Different sheaths. When you combine all those options you are left with a dazzling amount of combinations. For that reason we have made a selection of the models we like best, and we made sure that we can deliver those from stock.

Bradford Guardian knives: from compact to large

Bradford Knives' fame is the result of the Bradford Guardian collection. The most popular collection produced by Bradford Knives. The Guardian collection is comprised of knives from the Bradford Guardian 3 up to 6. Ascending in size. The number corresponds with the length of the edge in inches. The Guardian 3 has a 3" edge, so approximately 7.5 cm. The Guardian 6 has a 6" edge, so approximately 15 cm.