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Top-10 premium survival knives

Owning a premium survival knife is something every knife enthusiast dreams of. Premium survival knives aren't only real showpieces. They are also the best survival knives available. A couple of brands in this list are TRC Knives, Chris Reeve, Bark River and Fällkniven. These brands are known for their stunning knives and quality. But what are the best premium survival knives? To make the choice as simple as possible we made a list of the ten best premium survival knives.


Fällkniven F1Pro Zytel sheath, F1PRO

18 review(s)

The Fällkniven F1 Pro is a world-famous survival knife and according to many enthusiasts the ultimate 'grail knife'. The excellent quality and the use of a top-quality type of steel have turned the F1 into a premium knife. The Fällkniven Pro-collection is the long awaited successor to the very popular 'regular' F1, A1 and S1 collections. The VG10 core was replaced by top-quality CoS cobalt steel. Awesome!

€ 339,95 € 408,00

± 1 week

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TRC Knives Mille Cuori, Vanadis 4 Extra, Black Canvas Micarta outdoor knife

0 review(s)

The TRC Knives Mille Cuori is a versatile survival knife, made from the most premium materials in the knife world. The blade, for instance, is made from Vanadis 4 Extra-steel. During endurance tests this type of steel performs really well. Few types of steel retain their sharpness longer. In addition, the finish is sublime and the quality unheard of. Very impressive!

€ 395,00

Not available

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TRC Knives Classic Freedom, Brown Canvas Micarta outdoor knife

0 review(s)

Another TRC Knives knife! The Classic Freedom is a fancy and cool survival knife. Like with the Mille Cuori TRC Knives never settled for less. The Classic Freedom has a blade made from Böhler Elmax steel, a polished micarta handle and a decent leather sheath. Once in hand you immediately notice it: this is knife for life.

€ 245,00

Not available

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Chris Reeve Pacific Black PAC-1000 survival knife, non serrated

0 review(s)

The Chris Reeve Pacific is a large survival knife, designed by Chris Reeve and Bill Harsey. These giants in the knife industry developed the Pacific as the civil version of the knife that was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the First Special Forces (Airborne). The Pacific, however, is not simply a knife with a great story. This survival knife is so good that soldiers trust it with their life. It really says it all!

€ 345,00

Not available

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Bradford Guardian 3FE, 3D Carbon fibre Guardian 3 M390, Sabre DLC, False Edge 3FE-114B

0 review(s)

The Bradford Guardian 3 is a fancy survival knife. Perfect for small outdoor tasks. The blade is made from Böhler M390 steel. This is an Austrian type of super steel. One of the best high-end choices at the moment. M390 excels when it comes to sharpness retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is made from carbon fibre and 3D shaped. As a result it feels great in hand.

€ 204,00

± 2 weeks

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Rick Hinderer Ranch Bowie Burgundy Canvas Micarta, Stonewashed, bowie knife

0 review(s)

The fact that Rick Hinderer produces amazing pocket knives is no longer that surprising. The fixed knives are no exception! The Rick Hinderer Ranch Bowie is a large and robust bowie knife. This is one of the knives that will bring a smile to your face even if you hold it for a minute. Because of its size, yes. But mostly because of its excellent quality and finish.

€ 389,00

Not available

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Fällkniven A1xb Expedition Knife, Black, outdoor knife

0 review(s)

It is not surprising that Fällkniven was able to find a place in this top-10 with the A1xb. The A1xb is a slightly bigger and premium survival knife, great for many different users. The blade of this B-version is black. It is, however, not just enhanced with a simple black coating: Fällkniven used a special tungsten carbide coating with a hardness of 83HRC! Met een hardheid van 83HRC is deze nog harder dan het lemmet!

€ 379,95 € 407,95

In stock

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Bark River Gunny Scandi CPM 3V, Green Canvas Micarta, brown sheath

0 review(s)

The Bark River Gunny Scandi is an amazing survial and bushcraft knife. The blade is made from CPM 3CV-steel. A tool steel that is known for its exceptional strength. Bark River Knives has captured the hearts of many knife enthusiasts by producing top-quality fixed knives. It is therefore not that surprising that the fixed knives produced by Bark River are considered to be the standard within the knife world.

€ 309,95

Not available

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Böker G.E.K. German Expedition Knife Classic 120649

0 review(s)

The Böker German Expedition Knife Classic is an impressive fixed knife, designed by Tony Lennartz. The blade and the handle are made from one piece of Böhler N695 steel. As such the knife doesn't only feel solid, it also is. There are, after all, no parts that can break off. The process used to produce this knife is called 'die-forging'. This means that the raw steel is forged in a mould. Not the easiest way to produce a knife, but a very premium way nevertheless.

€ 299,00 € 349,00

± 1 week

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Spartan Blades Hybris Black, fixed knife SB42BKBKNLBK

0 review(s)

The Spartan Blades Hybris is a cool survival knife that was built to perform. The shape is based on functionality and performance. The blade has a sort of sheepsfoot/reverse tanto-shape. As such the tip isn't only very strong; because of the slightly downward curve you also make much better use of the tip. Spartan Blades is known for its sublime finish and use of materials. This makes a knife such as this one produced by Spartan blades, indispensable in this top 10.

€ 349,00 € 399,00

± 1 week

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