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Buck knives have set the standard for pocket knives

Buck is the most famous knife manufacturer in the world. The American company Buck knives makes more than half a million knives every year. Buck knives were the first to introduce a pocket knife with back locking system. The brand name Buck was even used to refer to the locking system. Buck supplies practical designs and knives with perfect steel quality and finishing.
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Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter

Probably the most famous knife in the world: the Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter. That knife was first produced in 1963. The Buck knife became so popular that it was copied by many other manufacturers, which is why it also is called the most copied pocket knife. You can of course buy the Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter from

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 Buck Folding Hunter, 110

The number 1 folding knife from Buck.

 Buck 119 Special

Solid allround fixed blade.
Handle/blade: Phenol/Aluminium and 420HC
Blade length: 15.2 cm

 Buck Ranger

Slightly smaller version of the Folding Hunter.

 Buck - Alpha Hunter

Large heavy-duty hunting folder.

 Buck 865 Trigger Knife 0865BKS-B 865, plain edge

Handle/blade: aluminium/420HC
Blade length: 8.8 cm
Weight: 132 gram

 Buck 119 Brahma 0119BRS1-B, hunting knife

Handle/blade: leather and micarta/420HC
Blade length: 15.0 cm
Weight: 198 grams

 Buck 547 Open Season Folding Skinner 0547RWS-B

Handle/blade: rosewood/CPM S30V Blade length: 9,4 cm Weight: 170 gram

 Buck - 327 Nobleman

Sturdy gent's folder. Handle/Blade: Stainless Steel & 440A. Blade length: 2 5/8 inch.

 Buck 303 Cadet 0303BKS-B, black

Handle/blade: plastic/420HC-steel
Blade length: 6.4 cm
Weight: 55 grams

 Buck 546 Open Season Folding Skinner 0546BKS-B pocket knife

Handle/blade: Thermoplastic/420HC steel
Blade length: 9.3 cm
Weight: 170 grams

 Buck 0104 Compadre Camp Knife 104WAS-B, outdoor knife

Handle/blade: walnut wood/5160 carbon steel
Blade length: 11.8 cm
Weight: 198 grams

 Buck 870 Bones 0870CMX-B, tiger stripe camo

Handle/blade: stainless steel/420HC-steel
Blade length: 7.8 cm
Weight: 124 grams

 Buck 110 Folding Hunter, with finger grooves

Handle/blade: stabilized wood/420HC-steel
Blade length: 9.5 cm
Weight: 208 grams

 Buck 753 RedPoint Rescue 0753BKX-B, black

Handle/blade: aluminum/420HC-steel
Blade length: 7.0 cm
Weight: 77 grams

 Buck CSAR-T Buck/TOPS 0091BKSTP-B Responder

Handle/blade: G10/154CM-steel
Blade length: 8.9 cm
Weight: 218 grams

 Buck 108 Compadre Froe 0108WAS-B, machete

Handle/blade: walnut wood/5160 carbon steel
Blade length: 24.8 cm
Weight: 670 g

 Buck 285 Bantam BLW 0285BKS-B, black

Handle/Blade: FRN/420HC steel
Blade length: 8.0 cm
Weight: 68 grams

 Buck - 325 Colleague

Sturdy gent's folder. Handle/Blade: Stainless Steel & 440A. Blade length: 1 7/8 inch.

 Buck TOPS Nighthawk 650BKSTP

Handle/blade: nylon/420HC
Blade length: 15.2 cm
Weight: 282 grams

 Buck - 327 Nobleman Ti

Sturdy gent's folder. Handle/Blade: Stainless Steel & 440A.(Titanium coated) Blade length: 2 5/8 inch.

 Buck TOPS Short Nighthawk 655BKSTP

Handle/blade: nylon/420HC
Blade length: 12.6 cm
Weight: 258 grams

 Buck Paklite Caper 0135SSS-B

Handle/blade: 420HC/420HC
Blade length: 6.4 cm
Weight: 36 grams

 Buck Paklite Skinner Large 0141SSS-B

Handle/blade: 420HC/420HC
Blade length: 8.6 cm
Weight: 113 grams

 Buck Paklite Skinner 0140SSS-B

Handle/blade: 420HC/420HC
Blade length: 6.8 cm
Weight: 55 grams

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