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Benchmade Knives

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Pocket knives & multitools

Benchmade, not just any knife


It's not a knife, it's a Benchmade. That is the way they see it at Benchmade. Over the course of several decades Benchmade has made quite a name for themselves amongst fans of pocket knives and fixed knives.

High quality materials are processed by professionals into knives that are used daily by many people. Care providers, security guards, professional users and everyone who knows that a pocket knife is an indispensable accessory in daily life will find the suitable knife.

Axis-lock and many more innovations

Benchmade has many patents registered to its name. The axis-lock you can find on many knives is developed by Benchmade. In addition, also other locking systems and innovations are patented by Benchmade. Where others in the industry build on existing techniques, Benchmade is always looking for possibilities to do even better. They are led by the 3 M's: 'Materials, Mechanisms and Manufacturing'. The best materials are processed with the most modern equipment and the best people into the best products. 


Benchmade is obviously convinced of the quality of its fixed knives and pocket knives. That is why they offer an extended (limited lifetime) warranty that even includes a free of charge sharpening service. Because the homebase is located in California it might be cumbersome to send the knife from Europe, but it does indicate that for Benchmade the connection with the products does not stop at the sales.