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Hogue Knives: razor-sharp knives, pure craftsmanship

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The folding knives and fixed blades of Hogue Extreme Knives are designed by custom knives maker Allen Elishewitz. From his experience in Asian martial arts and a career with the US Marines, he put all his practical knowledge in his designs.

Hogue has been making grips for firearms and other products since 1968, and precision and quality control in the production have always been the most important. The combination between smart and beautiful designs of Elishewitz and high quality production makes these Hogue knives among the best there are.


The innovative part of Hogue pocket knives that a number of models use a button-lock. This mechanism allows you to simply press the button on the side of the handle to unlock the knife. As a result, you don’t come close to the blade with your fingers during closing. This button-lock also has an additional locking which goes into play in opened position. This will lock the button-lock again to inadvertently have you pressing the button.