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Fällkniven survival- and hunting knives, design and reliability from Sweden


The Swedish Fällkniven brand stands for extremely strong and high quality knives. The ultimate hunting knife, the Fällkniven Hunting 1, (Fällkniven H1) and the Fällkniven F1 are probably the best known knives of the brand. The family company behind Fällkniven from Norrbotten has been making indestructible knives for 25 years. Inspired by the army, hunters and anglers Fällkniven has become one of the most valued specialists in outdoor knives.

Since 1995 all the Swedish fighter pilots are equipped with a F1 and since 2000 the F1 and the S1 have been approved by the US Marine corps and the US Navy. The design of the knives is sleek and gives the steel a rock-hard and robust look.

Fällkniven NL Northern Lights series, real hunting knives

The Fällkniven hunting knives are among the absolute favourites of many hunters. The well-known Thermorun that is used for the handles is very practical and hygienic. We see a more stylised handle in the NL series, with a beautifully styled leather handle. In short Fällkniven knives are an absolute asset for any outdoor enthusiast, hunter or angler.