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Fällkniven X knives: full-tang outdoor knives and the strongest Fällkniven knives ever!

The Fällkniven X-collection is comprised of top-quality outdoor knives. Fällkniven even claims that these knives are the strongest they have ever produced. These new F1x, S1x and A1x are enhanced with a full-tang construction. This means that the blade, in terms of thickness and width, runs throughout the entire handle. As such the handle is incredibly strong. The scales are made from Thermorun. Something we have already seen before on other Fällkniven knives. Striking about the X-collection is that the grip pattern offers even more grip.

Convex CoS steel

In terms of steel Fällkniven selected laminated CoS steel. A very fine type of steel that is stainless, retains its sharpness well and is easy to sharpen. It also won't break easily. These are all enviable qualities in a knife such as this. Of course the X collection is enhanced with a convex grind to make sure they are amazing to work with.

Fällkniven X vs Fällkniven Pro

In many ways the Fällkniven X collection closely resembles the critically acclaimed Pro collection. The steel is the same, just like the blade thickness and the convex grind. The difference can be found in the tang, the missing knife guard and the new and improved sheath.