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Fällkniven Pro knives: top-of-the-range convex grind outdoor knives

According to many outdoor enthusiasts Fällkniven Pro knives are the best knives produced today. Based on the popular Fällkniven F1, S1 and A1 the Pro-models are slightly better. Better steel, thicker blades and a steel knife guard for more safety. You can clearly tell that the Fällkniven Pro are simply a little more robust. Fällkniven also slightly changed the geometry of the blade. As such the laminated CoS steel stands out even more!

Fällkniven Pro 10: what is the difference?

Most Fällkniven Pro knives come with a waterproof case with a sharpening stone and a 25-year warranty. However, because many people didn't really need the case and the sharpening stone Fällkniven introduced the Pro 10 models. The same knives, with the same sheaths. Only without the case and sharpening stone. You do, however, still receive a 10-year warranty. The advantage is that the Pro 10 models are more affordable. What more could you possibly ask for!


Spotlight: Fällkniven F1 Pro outdoor knife

The Fällkniven F1 Pro is the improved version of the incredibly popular Fällkniven F1. Bushcraft and survival enthusiasts and hunters have embraced this knife and its predecessor. But what makes it so good? Knivesandtools explains!