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J.E. Made Knives: modern slipjoints with a nod to the past

J.E. Made Knives produces top-quality knives in a small workshop in China. When it comes to modern slipjoints and fancy fixed gentleman's knives there is no other brand so ground-breaking and unafraid to push the boundaries of what is possible within the world of modern slipjoints.

Despite the modern make and appearance, the knives always incorporate the past. Especially the designs of the slipjoints are inspired by the traditional pocket knives from the past, but are simply enhanced with a modern twist. Think, for instance, of modern materials such as titanium, carbon fibre, blade steels such as S35VN and 3V steel or a beautifully anodized handle. The milled patterns on the handle also refer to the past. They namely might remind you of bone and wood.

Modern knives for modern laws

The movement, also called the walk and talk is sublime on each knife. The spring on every slipjoint is incredibly strong. As such the blade will never close when opened. Because slipjoints don't lock the J.E. Made knives are perfect in places where carrying a 'locking knife' is illegal.