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Cold Steel knives, super strong outdoor and tactical knives

Cold Steel makes sturdy, strong and very strong knives. The American Cold Steel Knives come from California and specialise in designing and developing daggers, hunting knives, pocket knives, swords, tomahawks and other self-defence products. Cold Steel aims to make the strongest and sharpest knives in the world. Cold Steel has developed the universally appreciated Tri-Ad lock: according to Cold Steel itself this is the safest and strongest system for pocket knives.

Kukri machete, tomahawk, Cold Steel Tai Pan

Cold Steel also supplies many special products like the very popular tomahawk. There also are the various outdoor knives like the Cold Steel Kukri machete, available in various quality formats. Cold Steel also makes very delicately designed and finished daggers like the Cold Steel Tai Pan.

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 Cold Steel GI Tanto, 80PGT

Blade length: 15.0 cm. Weight: 344 gr. Steel: 1055 Carbon steel

 Cold Steel Tuff Lite, 20LT

Handle/blade: Grivory/VAUS8A
Blade length: 5.0 cm
Weight: 73 grams

 Cold Steel Code 4 Tanto Point CTS-XHP, plain edge

Handle/blade: aluminum/CTS-XHP Blade length: 8,8 cm Weight: 120 gram

 Cold Steel Swift II, 22AB

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade Length:9,1 cm Weight: 135 grams

 Cold Steel Kukri Machete, 97KMS

Durable Kukri machete with Cordura sheath. Handle/Blade: Polypropylene & 1055 Carbon Steel. Blade length: 13 inch

 Cold Steel Mini Lawman CTS-XHP, 58ALCM

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade length: 6,6 cm Weight: 68 gram

 Cold Steel Finn Bear

Finn Bear is a multi-purpose, very affordable fixed blade knife. Cold Steel describes it as 'big and strong enough to skin a moose, yet delicate enough to slice a tomato'.

 Cold Steel Ranch Boss 54VSM Limited Edition

Handle/blade: dear horn and nickle-silver/CPM S35VN Blade length: 8,6 cm Weight: 112 gram

 Cold Steel Spartan CTS-BD1, plain edge, 21SC

Handle/Blade: Griv-Ex/CTS-BD1
Blade Length: 11.2 cm
Weight: 260 grams

 Cold Steel Recon 1 CTS-XHP, tanto, partly serrated,

Handle/Blade: G10/CTS XHP
Blade length: 10.1 cm
Weight: 155 g

 Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus O1, 39LGKI

Durable Kukri machete made of O1 carbon steel. Incredibly durable, ideal for cutting, chopping, breaching, etc.

 Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter VG1, 36LPME

Handle/blade: Kray-Ex/VG1 Blade length: 7,4 cm Weight: 55 gram

 Cold Steel Swift I, 22A

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade Length:9,1 cm Weight: 135 gram

 Cold Steel Voyager large, plain edge CTS-BD1, tanto

Handle/blade: Griv-Ex/CTS-BD1 Blade length: 10,1 cm Weight: 138 gram

 Cold Steel Master Hunter VG-1 San Mai III

Handle/blade: Ex/VG-1 San Mai Kray-III
Blade Length: 11.7 cm
Weight: 171 g

 Cold Steel Voyager large, plain edge CTS-BD1, clip point

Handle/blade: Griv-Ex/CTS-BD1 Blade length: 10,1 cm Weight: 132 gram

 Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto large, 13TL

Handle/blade: G10/CPM-3V Blade Length:18,0 cm Weight: 360 gram

 Cold Steel Recon 1 CTS-XHP, spear point, plain-edge

Handle/Blade: G10/CTS XHP Blade length: 9.9 cm Weight: 145 g

 Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto medium, 13T

Handle/blade: G10/CPM-3V Blade length: 13 cm Weight: 275 gram

 Cold Steel Hold Out 2 CTS-XHP plain edge

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade length: 9,7 cm Weight: 105 gram

 Cold Steel Counter Point 1 10ACLC

Handle/blade: Griv-Ex/CTS-BD1 Blade length: 9,6 cm Weight: 136 gram

 Cold Steel AK-47 CTS-XHP CS58TLCAK

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade length: 8,8 cm Weight: 150 gram

 Cold Steel Tiger Claw plain edge, 22KF

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-XHP Blade length: 8,7 cm Weight: 142 gram

 Cold Steel Pocket Bushman BD1, 95FBC

Handle/blade: 420-SS/4116 stainless Blade length: 11,2 cm Weight: 186 gram

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