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Grailer knives: the holy grail within reach

Grailer Knives Logo

Why not get right down to business: Grailer knives are great, they are amazing even. The best designers and the best manufacturers combined. What do you end up with? Knives that anyone who loves Grailer would love to have. Sublime in terms of shape and function. Desirable designs, available to every knife enthusiast out there.

Grailer 2: Simen Stryckers design 

The Grailer 2 was designed by Simen Stryckers. A young knife maker from Belgium. He has been producing knives in his garage for years. We were keeping tabs on his work for quite some time and when the opportunity arose to produce his Findus design we knew we had finally found the Grailer 2. A graceful and elegant pocket knife, made from high-end materials. The knife itself is produced by WE Knife, which means that the flipper on the Grailer 2 functions perfectly. An EDC pocket knife that will also definitely feel at home in neat trousers. 

Grailer 1: Dirk de Wit design

To make the dream of the Grailer 1 become a reality the best Dutch knife maker out there was asked: Dirk de Wit. With years of experience making custom knives and a killer reputation, Grailer felt he was the one for the job. They wanted a ‘Dirk de Wit’, a knife which is extremely coveted but difficult to obtain, so they did everything they could to get a hold of one. Combining this desire for a perfect knife with the prize-winning manufacturer from Italy, LionSteel, this stunning pocket knife first saw the light of day. Throughout the years every detail was discussed, changed and perfected. Grailer’s vision, Dirks characteristic design and LionSteel’s exceptional production capacity: a holy trinity which has brought you a real holy grail knife. Meet the Grailer 1! An amazing piece of Dutch design made by one of the best manufacturers in the world, using only the best materials.

What is a grail knife?

Imagine this: There is a knife you really want to have but it is slightly out of reach. Frustrating, right? Why not call this knife your Holy Grail: a grail knife. For some this is a valuable production knife, for others that dagger from the eighties which is no longer for sale or available. Or perhaps it is that custom knife made by that famous designer who has a massive waiting list. Whatever type of knife it is, for all grail knivesthe following applies: you cannot simply purchase or order it online. And, let’s be honest here, let’s say you do get a hold of that thing you want the most, would you use it? Or would you want to cherish it forever, keeping it safe in a showcase. In the end it will become a knife which will always keep you wondering: what would it be like, what would it feel like if I actually used it? Fortunately there is someone who can solve this frustrating ‘problem’: Grailer!

At Knivesandtools we love knives. Obviously! For almost twenty years we have handled and seen practically any knife. Knives we appreciated, knives we loved and knives we loved even more. For this reason the Grailer knives are based on our own grail knives. Making seemingly unavailable knives available. That is what Grailer does. They work with the best knife makers, designers and experts in the field and choose the best manufacturer to create the perfect knife. As you might imagine, this isn’t the easiest way to do it, but it is simply the best. Grailer would love for you to enjoy our stories and these great knives as much as we do. Knives that are, in terms of looks, definitely worth to be showcased, but are, at the same time, perfect to use.