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Spotlight: Grailer 2 pocket knife, Simen Stryckers design

The Grailer 2 is an EDC pocket knife that, in more fancy circumstances, will also feel at home as a gentleman's knife. Designer Simen Stryckers was able to introduce a masterpiece at a really young age. WE Knife was also perfectly on point when producing this knife. We are therefore happy to show you what makes the Grailer 2 so cool.

How did the Grailer 2 first see the light of day?

The Grailer 2 is the production version of the Findus design from Simen Stryckers. He is a young Belgian designer who has been producing amazing knives in his garage for years. His goal is to produce knives that are beautiful and functional at the same time. Nothing more, nothing less. This is how you recognize his sleek design style. Those carefully selected lines make it look modern and elegant.

Every day Simen works hard producing even better knives.  And with his brother Maarten he also works on building better machines. Their training in mechanical engineering really came in handy here. They, for instance, built different machines and tools to produce their own knives. Time and time again they prove how with creativity you can do a lot more than you might think.

Designer Simen Stryckers

Produced by WE Knife

For the Grailer 2 we looked for the best producer. If you think of flippers that work flawlessly, and great detail work you soon end up at WE Knife. This manufacturer has been producing knives for various manufacturers for years, and lately WE Knife has also been making a name for itself with its own knives. For the Grailer 2 WE Knife truly outdid itself. The knife opens quickly and smoothly. Many other producers can learn from this.


The Grailer 2 is surprisingly large. In other words: it doesn't look or feel large, but still houses an 8.7 cm blade. With a weight of only 75 grams you don't expect such a large blade. When closed it is only 11.2 cm, so you hardly notice it in your pocket.

Clever solutions

You don't easily end up with such a low weight. You need clever solutions for that. Many pocket knives with a scale made from somewhat 'softer' material like carbon fibre, are enhanced with a steel or titanium liner. Nice and solid, but also quite heavy. That is why, for the construction of the Grailer 2, a steel sheet was used that was only placed around the pivot. This sheet offers the ceramic ball bearings a base to roll over, and also provides a solid base for the stop-pin. It is namely pressed in the blade and will now hit the steel sheet both when opened and closed. As such the construction with the stop-pin can stay nice and compact, and you don't have to compromise when it comes to solidity. 

Looks like a simple solution. Until you realize that this simple sheet affects the lock, detent and the way the blade moves. The sheet should also seamlessly fit inside the carbon fibre scale. Fortunately WE Knife knows what it is doing.

With these types of slim pocket knives you often also see that a backspacer has been placed in between the scales. All to make sure your finger, or the edge of your shirt doesn't end up in between the scales. With the Grailer 2 the blade fits so well in the handle this is not necessary. The construction is comprised of one 'standoff' that is nicely placed in between the scales. Another clever aspect that helped save weight.

Champagne! A subtle detail

When you look closely at the Grailer 2 you notice that the pivot and the standoff have a slightly different colour. Not the grey of the titanium scale, but slightly warmer. They are namely champagne-coloured. A quirky touch that perfectly fits this knife.

Optimal lifespan

When you look at the little aspects of the knife it becomes clear that one really thought about the lifespan of the knife.   The ball bearings, for instance, are made from ceramics and not from steel. Ceramic ball bearings are harder, don't wear out as fast and are corrosion resistant. Perfect! The same applies to the detent that ensures that the knife stays closed. It is also made from ceramics.

To make sure the titanium framelock will last for years it has been enhanced with an insert made from hardened steel. This is a sheet at the end of the lockbar. This sheet comes in contact with the hard blade, instead of the relatively soft titanium. As such the lock won't wear out as fast and wil also function better.

Finally, a part of the design you don't hear a lot about, but is essentially good for a knife. Namely: the thickness of the edge. The thickness of the blade namely determines how easy it is to use. The thinner the better. But also: the thinner, the longer it stays relatively thin after sharpening it a couple of times. Do you own a knife with a blade that is thicker behind the edge? If so you will probably notice after a year of use and sharpening that it has become even thicker behind the edge, increasing the cutting resistance. You don't want that. That is why the edge is nice and thin for the Grailer 2. As such it is amazing to use and will continue to be amazing to use even longer than with comparable knives.

For what purposes do you use the Grailer 2?

Because of its slim profile and low weight, combined with the sleek finish and look and feel, the Grailer 2 is an excellent gentleman's knife. It will easily slide inside the inside pocket of your jacket, or pants. However, don't be misled by this fact: the Grailer 2 was built as an EDC pocket knife. Ready to help you as you work around the house, go camping, hiking, enjoy a picnic in the park, are moving, and with all other things you do with an EDC pocket knife. The 20CV steel blade retains its sharpness well and is corrosion resistant. As such the Grailer 2 will feel at home anywhere.


The bottom line is that we can conclude that the Grailer 2 competes with the larger brands. For this price you get a whole lot of pocket knife. And it is unique: because of the limited amount of knives available you won't quickly run into someone carrying the same knife. This is also what makes the Grailer 2 so unique.