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Blade-Tech: the best belt-clips and carrier options for sheaths and holsters

Blade-Tech Logo

Blade-Tech has been producing the best carrier options for sheaths and holsters for years. From their famous Blade-Tech Tek-Lok to complete thigh attachments for holsters: all tested and made in the United States. If you wish to carry a fixed knife with you Blade-Tech will have a suitable carrier option or belt clip.

Blade-Tech Tek-Lok belt clip

The Blade-Tech Tek-Lok is their most famous product. You could even say that it is their best product. You click the Tek-Lok around your belt with a system that ensures it does not unintentionally come loose. The front has been enhanced with a large number of mounting holes to make sure you can attach almost any sheath or holster, as long as it has mounting holes as well. Tek-Loks are used by coppers, soldiers and knife enthusiasts. To store your knives, flashlights and many more!