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TRC Knives: blades of honour, tales of men

TRC Knives produces amazing knives for outdoor enthusiasts. Top-quality fixed knives for survival and bushcraft enthusiasts, hunters, hikers and preppers. What's striking about the TRC knives is that the finish and the design are exceptional. Many knife makers focus on either utility knives, or on beautiful, collectible knives. At TRC they believe the two aren't mutually exclusive. That's why they make amazing knives that perform like the best.

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Reasons to buy a TRC knife

TRC Knives was founded by Lithuanian knife fan Andrius Tricius. Tricius specializes in impressive, rock-solid knives for outdoor enthusiasts. The fixed blades they offer are of an exceptionally high quality and are intended for survivalists, hunters, hikers, bushcrafters and preppers. Unlike many other knife makers, who focus on either utilitarian functionality or aesthetic collectability, TRC believes in combining both aspects. This makes their knives not only visually appealing, but also exceptionally functional.

TRC Knives: high-quality materials

You choose TRC Knives because you want a knife that is versatile in use, looks great and that is made of high-quality materials. TRC Knives uses super steels such as M390, Elmax and Vanadis 4 Extra. In terms of handle material, TRC often opts for rock-solid choices such as micarta or G10. However, the finish takes these knives to an even higher level. The unique combination of craftsmanship and high-quality materials makes TRC Knives an ideal choice for those who demand the best in terms of form and function.

TRC Knives series

TRC Knives Apocalypse

The source of inspiration for the TRC Knives Apocalypse series is the population of the Sentinel Islands. A tribal community that has been avoiding all forms of communication with the outside world for hundreds of years. With the Apocalypse, TRC has presented a knife that can handle anything.

TRC Knives South Pole

The TRC Knives South Pole series is meant for adventurers who like to be prepared. TRC designed this knife with Roald Amundsen in mind, the first explorer to reach the South Pole. He was known for his excellent preparation with which he could handle all possible situations.

TRC Knives Classic Freedom

Ernest Hemingway, Nobel-prize winning author, experienced true freedom when fishing. The Classic Freedom was inspired by Hemingway. This knife is made for clever adventurers who appreciate a compact knife that offers amazing comfort during use. Whether you're camping, fishing or bushcrafting: the Classic Freedom will help you enjoy your freedom.

TRC Knives Speed Demon

The Speed Demon was inspired by Frank Lockhart, a racing genius active during the 1920s. With an innovative skeletonised design ensuring a light weight of 70 grams, this fixed blade knife cuts through materials at the same speed as its inspiration.

TRC Knives Mille Cuori

The Mille Cuori celebrates the TRC's collaboration with their military customers. The knives are made of premium steel types with an extra strong DLC coating to protect it from the elements. With the strength of a thousand warriors, Mille Cuori is an indispensable knife for anyone with a brave heart.

TRC Knives fixed knives

TRC Knives is known for manufacturing high-quality knives for outdoor use. They offer various product types, including:

TRC Knives survival knives

TRC Knives' large survival knives are robust and reliable, designed to handle the challenges of extreme conditions. These knives are ideal for outdoor adventurers who value durability and functionality.

TRC Knives bushcraft knives

TRC Knives' efficient bushcraft knives are designed with comfort and versatility in mind. They are ideal for nature lovers and suitable for bushcraft activities thanks to their light weight and strong construction.

TRC Knives fixed EDC knives

TRC Knives also makes small, fixed knives for EDC use. These knives combine portability with functionality and are ideal for people looking for a small fixed-blade knife for everyday tasks.

History of TRC Knives

Andrius Tricius started his knife-making journey out of dissatisfaction with available knives. After holding one too many sub-optimal knives, he decided to create something better. He started TRC Knives in 2010 and through countless hours of dedication and experimentation, the company grew steadily. Its customer base consists mainly of like-minded people who share his passion for premium knives.

A continuous challenge for TRC Knives is the meticulous quality control of their own production and their external suppliers. Andrius Tricius and his team create handmade knives, without the usual imperfections that brings. When you purchase a TRC knife, you purchase more than just a pretty picture. You purchase an amazing knife that's been meticulously designed and produced to achieve optimal results.

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