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You open Spyderco pocket knives with one hand

Spyderco is the famous global producer of diverse models of pocket knives and fixed knives. All those knives are really intended for daily use. Spyderco knives are manufactured in Golden (Colorado). In 1978 Sal Glesser created the factory and in 1981 the first Spyderco pocket knife was made, the C01 Worker. That knife became very famous for the round opening in the blade, specially made for opening the Spyderco knife with one hand. This still is the main feature of Spyderco.

Sublime finishing of Spyderco knivesn

High quality steel types like VG10, S30V but also absolutely stainless steel H1 are used for the production of Spyderco knives. The handles are made of various materials like stainless steel, titanium, G10, carbon and Zytel. The finishing is of a very high standard and each knife is delivered razor-sharp. It is no coincidence that Spyderco knives are frequently used by professionals.

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 Spyderco Firefly C184GPOR gentleman's knife

Handle/blade: G10-carbonfiber/VG10 Blade length: 6,9 cm Weight: 82 grams

 Spyderco PITS Folder Ti Blue C192TIBL

Handle/blade: titanium/N690Co Blade length: 7,5 cm Weight: 92 grams

 Spyderco Nirvana C199TIP pocket knife, Peter Rassenti design

Handle/blade: titanium/CPM S90V Blade length: 9,5 cm Weight: 136 grams

 Spyderco Mike Draper C171TIBLP pocket knife

Handle/blade: titanium/VG10 Blade length: 9,5 cm Weight: 134 grams

 Spyderco Positron C195CFP Brad Southard

Handle/blade: carbon/CPM S30V Blade Length:7,7 cm Weight: 74 gram

 Spyderco C94PBK UK Pocket Knife

Handle/blade: FRN/CTS BD1
Blade length: 7.4 cm
Weight: 48 grams

 Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Dark Blue C81GPDBL2 S110V

Handle/blade: G10/CPM S110V Blade Length:8,7 cm Weight: 107 gram

 Spyderco ARK H1 FB35PBK neck knife

Handle/blade: FRN/H1 Blade length: 6,4 cm Weight: 23 gram

 Spyderco BaliYo YCN100 Lightweight, black

Tactical pen in the shape of a Balisong or butterfly knife.

 Spyderco Persistence C136GP pocket knife

Handle/blade: G10/8Cr13MoV Blade Length:7,1 cm Weight: 103 gram

 Spyderco Yojimbo II PE C85G2

Handle/blade: G10/CPM S30V Blade length: 8,3 cm Weight: 117 gram

 Spyderco SzaboHawk Tomahawk axe H01

Handle/blade: G10/D2 Total sharpened Length:6,2 cm Weight: 710 gram

 Spyderco Roc C177GP Serge Panchenko design

Handle/blade: G10/VG10 Blade Length:8,0 cm Weight: 120 gram

 Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark 04BKPS2 partly serrated, black

Handle/blade: stainless steel/8Cr13MoV Blade length: 7,6 cm Weight: 105 grams

 Spyderco Cat C129GP G10, CTS-BD1

Handle/blade: G10/CTS-BD1 Blade length: 6,3 cm Weight: 77 grams

 Spyderco Sprig FB37GGRP fixed blade

Handle/blade: G10/CPM S90V Blade length: 10,9 cm Weight: 107 grams

 Spyderco C148GP Ambitious

Handle/blade: G10/8CR13MoV
Blade length: 5.7 cm
Weight: 85 g

 Spyderco C122GP Tenacious, plain edge

Handle/blade: Stainless steel liners with G10/8Cr13MoV
Blade length: 8.5 cm
Weight: 117 g

 Spyderco C122GBBKP Tenacious, black blade, plain edge

Handle/blade: Stainless steel liners with G10/8Cr13MoV
Blade length: 8.5 cm
Weight: 117 g

 Spyderco Dog Tag Folder - C188ALTIP

Handle/blade: titanium/CPM S30V
Blade length: 3.2 cm
Weight: 25 grams

 Spyderco Native 5 Fluted Titanium PE- C41TIFP5

Handle/blade: titanium/S35VN Blade length: 7,5 cm Weight: 116 gram

 Spyderco Native 5 PE Black - C41PBK5

Handle/blade: FRN/S35VN Blade length: 7,5 cm Weight: 70 gram

 Spyderco Schempp Bowie – C190CFP

Handle/blade: carbon/S30V Blade length: 9,3 cm Weight: 135 gram

 Spyderco Manix 2, dark blue, lightweight S110V, C101DBL2

Handle/blade: FRCP/CPM S110V Blade length: 8,6 cm Weight: 80 gram

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