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Spyderco Salt knives: the most stainless steel knives on the market

The knives from the Spyderco Salt collection are the most stainless knives on the market. These knives are perfect when fishing, during a day at the beach or when enjoying a boat ride. Even in summer these knives excel because they won't rust as the result of the sweat in your pocket. Most of the knives from the Salt collection can be recognized by their bright-yellow handle. As such you can easily find the knife as you drop it in the water.

Spyderco H1 and LC200N steel

Within the Salt collection you can choose from two different types of steel: H1 and LC200N steel. These types of steel are only used by Spyderco which makes this Salt collection very unique. H1-steel is a type of steel of which all carbon was replaced by nitrogen. The result is a guaranteed stainless type of knife steel that retains its sharpness well. LC200N is also stainless but tougher than H1 and it retains its sharpness longer. 

The knives within the salt collection are often enhanced with serrations. Great when you need to cut through fishing wire, for instance.