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Fällkniven F1: the real all-round outdoor knife

The Fällkniven F1 is an all-round outdoor knife, originally designed for Swedish jet fighter pilots. The fact that the F1 was capable of a lot more than being a part of the standard ejection seat equipment of a pilot became clear quite fast. Today the Fällkniven F1 is one of the most popular all-round knives on the market. Both the normal Fällkniven F1 and the F1 Pro. Amongst bushcraft enthusiasts, hunters and hikers the F1 can always count on wonderful reviews.

Convex grind

For many the Fällkniven F1 is the first introduction to a knife with a convex edge. A convex grind means that it isn't flat or hollow, but slightly curved. As such it is amazing to use and it also makes the edge a lot stronger.

Fällkniven F1 as a basic knife

Some people think that the 10 cm blade won't be large enough for outdoor use. We, however, can easily claim this to be nonsense. As long as you know what you are doing. That is when you will really notice that the 10 cm long blade is perfect for the more precise tasks. After all, your hand is located relatively close to the tip which means you are always the one in control.


Spotlight: Fällkniven F1 Pro outdoor knife

The Fällkniven F1 Pro is the improved version of the incredibly popular Fällkniven F1. Bushcraft and survival enthusiasts and hunters have embraced this knife and its predecessor. But what makes it so good? Knivesandtools explains!